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      WTB: 5.45x39 ammo

      Looking for 7n6 or silver bear primarily. Anderson/Muncie area. Could also potentially trade 9mm.
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      Has anyone here drilled their ak receiver for optics mounting?

      The Tantal had a left side safely lever, which this works interfere with.
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      WTS: 7.62x25 Milsurp 3x 72 rd packs

      Asking price is $115. I can part with more than 3 boxes, and lower the cent per round. Located in Anderson.
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      School me on Long Guns Please

      Get yourself an M1A and never look back.
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      WTS: Federal 9mm 200 rds 115gr SOLD

      I am in need of some spending money and have some 9mm I can part with. $170 Located in southern Anderson.
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      Biden cancels Elon Musk's adventures in space

      I voted for Biden, and I'm shocked.-JK, I didn't vote for Biden
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      Thing I sold is now in police possession.

      My understanding was that you are only in violation of law if you knowingly transfer to someone who is a prohibited possessor?
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      What should I buy right now?

      I guess I try to keep my faith in SCOTUS. and I'd really like to think that there are enough moderate dems who know that it would be terrible for the country to add seats to the court just to gain political power.
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      Has anyone here drilled their ak receiver for optics mounting?

      I happen to have a pso-1 scope I'd love to use on the Tantal though
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      J&G Sales?

      We went to JG all the time when we lived in AZ. Since, I've placed at least one order. Have always enjoyed buying from them.
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      Another +1 for Bud's Gunshop

      I've bought at atleast 2 maybe 3 times from Buds. I've always been impressed with prices and speed of delivery.
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      PSA for PSA

      I've always had good results with PSA.
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      Aim Surplus - Proceed with caution

      I've placed several orders with aim surplus. I've always been pleased.
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      Biden attempts to destroy the 2nd.

      If we need to sell them to the Federal Govt, then I'd be happy sell for what it's worth to me. (This is hypothetical, as I already got rid of all my guns)
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