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    1. blain

      A new project for me.

      That's why you run a Bush Hog, powered by from the PTO.
    2. blain

      Human Composting approved...

      You might take a look at water cremation (alkaline hydrolysis). Basically it replaces the roll of flames with caustic liquid, to reduce the body down to bone.
    3. blain

      Anyone else watching Ken Burn's Holocaust?

      He's blind to it because his staff doesn't have a "Never Again" app downloaded on their phones. Instead they have the "Burning Skies" and "Chaos 2 Control" apps installed.
    4. blain

      Erik Prince Creates ‘Unplugged’ Cellphone Off The Big Tech Grid

      Which brand caps do you use? I've replaced some before with Rubycon capacitors.
    5. blain

      Canadian stabbings. 10 dead, 15 injured.

      Wouldn't it be worth getting rid of every knife in Canada, even if it only saved one life? Of course the RCMP would have to be issued knives, to keep the peace.
    6. blain

      Original vs. Cover

      Head East produced some great tunes! :rockwoot:I remember rocking to they all through high school. Years later I stumbled on the origin of the bands name... Baxter Forrest Twilight: "We have to have an EMERGENCY band meeting!"
    7. blain

      Canadian stabbings. 10 dead, 15 injured.

      By Amir Vera, Eric Levenson and Nouran Salahieh, CNN: "To ensure the safety of drivers on the highway, the vehicle was directed off the road and into a nearby ditch," Blackmore said. Police confirmed the driver was Sanderson and took him into custody, Blackmore said. A knife was found inside...
    8. blain

      Coal Miners Help Stranded Motorist

      "As a few coal miners came to assist, it was soon realized that the vehicle could not be moved by a tow truck since the bottom of the car was all plastic with nothing to hook onto." This might be a problem in the "real world". Accidents, dead batteries, etc. Anyone else feel, the captains of...
    9. blain


      Keep your coils clean with a coil brush. I clean the coils under my (22+ years) GE frig, every year or two. But I'm cheap and a full-bore DIY'r.
    10. blain


      Don't expect to get 17 years out of any brand currently selling. For appliances I'd avoid Samsung (too many bad reviews). I would opt for an LG model (frig, washer, dryer, etc).
    11. blain

      Prayers please

      I'm very glad to hear she's back home with people that love her. Did the doctor clear her for Moonlite BBQ yet?
    12. blain

      Cell Phones

      I'm being backed into a corner with all this 2 factor authentication. I can't even access my paypal account until I tether a phone to it. I can still use paypal to buy from vendors, but can't log in to my account. There are some other things that require it, but I've worked around so far...
    13. blain

      I guess groundhogs bring good luck

      Go for it. Take some time getting to know your detector. It's a lot of fun. A non-metallic garden trowel (like Fiskars) and metal pinpointing wand (like Garrett), are very helpful once you're on a target.
    14. blain

      Stock market.... What are you doing?

      I've gone with URA for the sector and dividend. I've got a couple more positions in the uranium world, but URA is my largest.
    15. blain

      Prayers please

      So she wants to cross "that money saving bridge"? Sneak her in a "Memphian" from McAlister's, to tide her over.
    16. blain

      Original vs. Cover

      Nobody has posted this classic, so I will. Jeff Beck & Billy Gibbons cover Tennessee Ernie Ford's "16 Tons"
    17. blain

      Original vs. Cover

      This was one I really enjoy. But the original from Prince and the Chris Stapleton versions are both good also. It's the type of song that sounds great no matter who covers it (must have some soul). Eddie Vedder & Pearl Jam knock it out of the park with their cover of "Last Kiss". This is on...
    18. blain

      Original vs. Cover

      4 Non Blonds cover of Zeppelin's "Misty Mountain Hop" Iron Horse cover of Elton John's "Rocket Man" Of course... Chris Stapleton cover of George Jones' "Tennessee Whiskey" Shinedown cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man"
    19. blain

      Prayers please

      And starting a new job! Yikes, you've got a lot on your plate. At this point continue to take one step at a time, moving forward. In all the storm, remind yourself to listen to the still small voice in your heart. You might also begin journaling what's going on around you as well as what...
    20. blain

      Wood stove

      Don't bring black widows in with your firewood. YiKes!
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