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    1. Mr. Habib

      Trespassing/Family Law question

      I have a question for our INGO legal experts. Back story, my daughter, SIL and 3 grand kids currently live in a house that my wife and I own. They are living there rent free and there is no lease. Unfortunately, their marriage has deteriorated to the point that it may no longer be salvageable...
    2. Mr. Habib

      Street Sign Question

      Probably a long shot, but the collective knowledge of INGO has surprised me before, so here we go. What are the requirements for spacing of a street sign from the traveled portion of a city street? Is there a required set back from the pavement? If so what is it and what ordinance or regulation...
    3. Mr. Habib

      Is there a federal equivalent to Mycase?

      I'm trying to find info about potential federal criminal charges concerning an acquaintance of mine. Is there a way to look this up on line?
    4. Mr. Habib

      Wicked Edge Question

      Looking to buy some strops. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the leather compared to Balsa wood?
    5. Mr. Habib

      Questions For Our LEOs About Traffic Accident Investigations

      I was involved in 3 vehicle traffic accident on 11/17 at about 0645. I was stopped at a traffic light and struck from the rear by a van that was stopped behind me. They were struck from the rear and pushed into me. The driver of the third vehicle apparently made no attempt to stop and struck...
    6. Mr. Habib

      Parking Lot Law Question

      I have a question for our esteemed INGO legal experts. Does the "Parking Lot Law" apply only to actual employees, or are contractors covered as well? Hypothetical example: Bob works for a company that is based outside of Indiana. Bob's employee manual makes no mention of firearms at work. Bob's...
    7. Mr. Habib

      Hornady 9mm ammo on sale

      Streichers has Hornady 9mm ammo 10% off and $5.00 flat shipping. Hornady Practice and Duty Ammunition - Streicher's Police Equipment
    8. Mr. Habib

      Inside The AK 74 I always knew they were reliable, but I would have never guessed that you could run one like that.
    9. Mr. Habib

      A small OC Victory Today

      About a month ago I was OCing at the local recycling center as usual. As I was walking back to my Jeep to leave, one of the workers there came up to me and tells me that open carry was illegal on county property. He also mentioned that their sign states no firearms, but since I was leaving that...
    10. Mr. Habib

      Zombie Dust Alert

      Since it seems to have quite the following here on INGO, I thought I'd give everyone a heads up. Our goods friends at Big Woods Brewing have Zombie Dust on tap at their Quaff On tap room in Bloomington as of 1700hrs today.
    11. Mr. Habib

      Why we have an ammo shortage.

      Homeland Security is buying another 750,000,000 rounds to keep them out of civilian hands. The Israelis are buying all the ammo they can to send to the Ukraine. Heard this at the ammo counter at Wal Mart this morning, so it must be true. Just thought you'd all like an update.
    12. Mr. Habib

      It's Not About The Nail

      If you are married and male, you'll understand.
    13. Mr. Habib

      This Takes A Special Kind Of Stupid (Iron Man 3 Movie Stunt)

      RTV6 - Fake gunman stunt at Iron Man 3 premier terrifies Missouri moviegoers, triggers 911 calls - US/World Story They are very lucky that no one was legally carrying there that night. That could have ended very badly.
    14. Mr. Habib

      Sick RC Flying Skill I can't imagine how many of these he screwed into the ground getting this good.
    15. Mr. Habib

      Eating Organic Food Makes You A Jerk

      I now understand Bloomington a whole lot better. TODAY Health - Diet, Fitness and Wellness Blog | Blogs - Does organic food turn people into jerks? I'll bet that if they repeated this study with Prius drivers the correlation would be even higher.
    16. Mr. Habib

      Great Walmart OC Encounter

      Today at the Bloomington Walmart, in the cereal isle, I here someone behind me say" do you mind if I ask you a question?" My immediate thought was oh boy, here we go. This is, after all, Bloomington, the Prius driving, Kumbaya singing, drum circle capital of the Midwest. The next thing I hear is...
    17. Mr. Habib

      INGO Sighting, Ellettsville

      Who's Blue Jeep Grand Cherokee did I have the privilege of parking next to, in front of El Ranchero tonight at about 1700hrs? INGO, Suppressed is Best, Bobcat Steel, and other stickers in the rear window. I was in the silver 300C on your passenger side. I was in El Ranchero with my herd wearing...
    18. Mr. Habib

      Guys Don't Let This Happen To You.

      Eel swims up man's penis | Orange UK I may never get in the water again.
    19. Mr. Habib

      Can A Public Street Ever Be School Property?

      My 3rd grader has a field trip next week to a fall festival. This festival is held on public streets which have been closed for this event. The field trip takes place during the day before the festival official opening. I believe that law, as it is written, makes it legal to carry there as I am...
    20. Mr. Habib

      For The Physics Geeks - 747 Brake Test

      What Happens When You Slam On the Brakes in a 747? | Wired Science | Impressive. Makes you wonder how fast they can stop when everything is working.
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