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  1. drillsgt

    +1 Harris Engineering (Bipods)

    Was that the nut on the back that tightens up the swivel function?
  2. drillsgt

    Elmores in greenwood

    I never had a problem there but going online only doesn't seem very smart, it's not like they have the inventory of buds or classic.
  3. drillsgt

    Why 1911s?

    Nighthawks are good guns no doubt about it. I don't know of any sources for those coned barrels, both Wilson and Nighthawk used to sell them but only keep them now for in house builds. In 9mm usually you can find barrels with blank comps you can just chop off but not for 45.
  4. drillsgt

    Biden popularity

    If he went to bed early everyday and didn't implement anything he ran on, i'd give him a good approval rating, we'll see what happens.
  5. drillsgt

    Biden popularity

    It probably doesn't hurt that the MSM and social media aren't attacking him 24/7.
  6. drillsgt

    Why 1911s?

    Wilson's been doing that since the late 80's, early 90's at least (Tactical Elite and Stealth). One of the first customs I ever did was a replica of their Tactical Elite, i've done two since then and one Officers model. The coned barrel and guide rod do add some weight out front. The gun in...
  7. drillsgt

    The Insane "Social Justice" Thread pt IV

    Wow, that white power screed was horrible..
  8. drillsgt

    Constitutional Carry, but no, it really isn't.

    As big of an issue as reciprocity is especially within states with constitutional carry I can't believe that IN wouldn't accommodate that.
  9. drillsgt

    Incoming AG’s testimony on gun control...

    They Republicans need to beat this guy down just as they did Neera Tanden.
  10. drillsgt

    Do you use a sight pusher for installing night sights or a punch?

    That Wheeler unit looked interesting.
  11. drillsgt

    Do you use a sight pusher for installing night sights or a punch?

    I've tried different sight pushers over the years and none were very satisfactory, at least any cheap ones. I tend to always default to my brass punch that I just cover with painters tape, I also work the dovetails on the sight with dovetail files to get it started and not have to work that...
  12. drillsgt

    The flood gates are opened.

    This probably won't help the situation...
  13. drillsgt

    Just Who Votes For Who In The Trump Era?

    Good news then.
  14. drillsgt

    Walther PDP

    Is that some sort of rear sight machined in with the red dot plate?
  15. drillsgt

    Louisiana sheriff: 3 dead in gun store shooting in a New Orleans suburb

    Is this really a case of my rights or of being 'disrespected' because they were told what to do and didn't take kindly to it or is it the same thing?
  16. drillsgt

    1911 Show-N-Tell

    That's a clean older one with the thicker frame and dustcover.
  17. drillsgt

    U.N. Chiefs new focus for the world

    These guys are ridiculous, white supremacists, neo-nazis really, give me a break. When there's a 'rally' do they even get 10 people to show up anymore? I think that what they really mean by white supremacists and neo-nazis is Republicans.
  18. drillsgt

    Walther PDP

    I was a little surprised since the compact seems to be the more readily available one. The full-size is basically like a VP9, felt good, lighter than I expected. It's been awhile since I handled a PPQ and triggers are subjective but that PDP might have been the nicest factory poly trigger i've...
  19. drillsgt

    Walther PDP

    Of course I ordered mine online and then went into Highsmiths to pick up a rifle I ordered in and they had a full-size in stock for 649.00 if anybody needs one!
  20. drillsgt

    Walther PDP

    True, I use Buds myself to sort of gauge the market. There was a full-size with a buy it now of 619.00 on Gunbroker. I'll let you know how I like it!
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