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      Pistol Optics, or NOT?

      There’s a couple thought processes on backup irons Some folks just love Suppressor Height Sights but Why? As Dave Spaulding said, too much and it defeats the purpose to have half or more of your screen covered. One of the qualities of the RDS is being able to see most of your bad guy and...
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      Pistol Optics, or NOT?

      I’ll add anyone that goes to professional training and shoots matches isn’t a casual shooter to me. Sure you might not be in it to win it but your doing good things above and beyond most. Out of all the millions of gun owners there are only about 15,000 professional students so there’s that...
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      Pistol Optics, or NOT?

      Trapper, Maybe our term of Casual is different. I have never seen a “casual gun owner” regularly show up and shoot matches or go to classes. They usually depend on a relative that is a gun guy or was in the National Guard in 1973 for their firearms info (often antiquated which is another thread)...
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      Riley Conservation Club Carry Gun Match 8-13-2022

      That’s good to know LOL
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      Riley Conservation Club Carry Gun Match 8-13-2022

      One of them days all the way around!
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      Riley Conservation Club Carry Gun Match 8-13-2022

      Mandatory reloads are SO Overrated….when you don’t hear there’s a mandatory reload!!! Still had fun.
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      Pistol Optics, or NOT?

      That was one of my learning curve issues as well. It is also one of the (I believe him anyway) valid criticisms against RDS pistols from folks like Paul Howe. You shouldn’t have to learn a different drawing technique to make it work. I find the tighter grip and espousing your pinky helps being...
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      Pistol Optics, or NOT?

      I would phrase it “Doing close or as fast as you can with Irons” in a close 15 yards and in. In the Crawl walk run I’d say the 2,500 would be at the Mall Walker stage getting ready to maybe run. I Used RDS on Rifles for a couple Decades the biggest issue and it was not an issue as your bringing...
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      Pistol Optics, or NOT?

      For anyone entertaining the idea of doing a RDS I would recommend taking a class from a Reputable Vetted Instructor. I have been an agency instructor through FLETC for years. I took it upon myself to do a Handgun Combative's MRDS class with Dave Spaulding for a couple reasons. 1 Teaching the...
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      Eye position for red dot / irons absolute cowitnesses

      If I am reading this right. Your asking about having to have it co witness? Presuming your pic is off and the dot is a little more centered with a natural hold. The co witness thing isn’t as necessary. Sure it’s a good way to zero your dot initially but it’s not a have to. The only time you...
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      Beretta…. Renewed contract???

      Since somewhere there are still 1911’s sitting in a vault I wouldn’t worry too much about M9’s or M9 parts. Nothing to see here move along!
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      To carry extra mags or not to carry extra mags?

      Your on it. I’ll add as a former LE Trainer and working the civilian training world now. A lot of folks that I see that are into training themselves are the ones that are 1 Too cheap to pay a valid instructor and 2 bases their training from either YouTube or their scenerio a news story of a...
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      USAF OSI picks Glock

      I know when I was in the USAF and went from the S&W model 15 to The M9 we boxed all the Model 15’s up for Central America Honduras if memory serves me right but it’s been 30 some years. Sad day, especially since half had our personal Hogues or Pacmyr grips the CC approved on them we didn’t have...
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      USAF OSI picks Glock

      Of interest to some. Apparently USAF OSI isn’t as infatuated with Big Air Force’s Sig M18. Decided to do their own thing.
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      .38spl non +P self defense

      There is a 200 grain full wadcutter 38 special called Lincoln Logs that was popular in Bowling Pin matches back in the day. There are a couple guys still running them. So those are still around but not sure about any factory offering especially in a still recovering from pandemic BS market we are in
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      .38spl non +P self defense

      As a revolver guy from the 80’s. Your best non plus P (which with anything under 4” plus p or JHP is not worth the blast) like others I’d go with The standard pressure Hornady Critical Defense in the 110 gr. Full wadcutter of some variety or 130 grain Ball. The 130 FMJ Ball in 38 is very...
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      Weapon light lumens/candela

      When I was working we only had WML on long guns but we had a variety of Surefires over the years from early versions to some with the 7-800 luminaries (yea I know they are in the 1,00-1,500 now) My experience unless you are going to clear a field or shoot at a coyote 100-200 yards away your...
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      .357 self defense ammunition

      ^^THIS^^^ What I have found out with my 357 revolvers As BBI stated with his Magnum Lite statement Golden Sabres meet that IMHO it has nowhere near the blast that other 125’s generally have but still has good ballistics (just look at the Lucky Gunner results) Any if the Hydra Shocks would be...
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      Police Mag Dump

      Very well put Twangbanger. Just an FYI for anyone interested LEOs that are Expert Marksman only have a 20-30% hit factor in Officer Involved shootings. Evan Marahal in his book Handgun stopping power in the 1980’s it was 19-21% so it’s not improved much.
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      Colt Cobra Agent; which ammunition?

      BBI is spot on with everything. I will add if you do decide to carry it at all I’d suggest the same Full Wadcutter as carry ammo. This practice of using Wadcutters a in snubbies has re-emerged but 30 some years ago I worked outside Memphis as a reserve Patrolman and several detectives ran...
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