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      WTS/WTT: Mossberg MMR Hunter

      Mossberg MMR Hunter, 20 inch barrel, 1/9 twist, chamberd in 5.56. Very low round count, definitely less than 100. Pretty much sat in my safe for the last few years so time to move it along. I will include the 5rnd mag it came with. Mainly looking for cash at the moment but might be interested in...
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      WTS/WTT: Cz 52 + ammo & accessories

      WTS/WTT Cz 52 manufactured in 1953 with 6 magazines. It has aftermarket wooden grips that are very nice. I'll include the originals if I can find them. Also comes with an instruction manual and original holster. I also have 320 rounds I'll sell with the pistol. They are mostly 1950s Czech...
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      WTS: WTS: Vortex Sparc AR

      SPF In good shape, works perfectly. Has the original box and all the accessories, screws, hex wrench, lens wipe and instructions. Nice little red dot just didn't fit what I wanted. $100 shipped or $95 ftf in the Fort Wayne area.
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      WTS: WTS: Ruger LC9s

      I have a LC9s for sale, it's in decent shape has normal holster wear. It comes with 1 10rnd extended magazine and an Outbags holster. Not looking for trades $250 obo.
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      WTS: Mossberg 930 SPX

      SOLD. I am selling my 930 SPX in very good condition. I just purchased it last year so there is no issue with the front sight. It function great with all types of ammo (except low recoil) :ugh:. I have the box as well as the stock shims and the manual if I can find it. Price $575 pm me if you...
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      Gun safe recomendations

      I have been looking for a safe for quite a while now and have my eye on a Liberty D-27. It has 12ga walls and is fire resistant for 30min @ 1200 degrees. I was wondering if anybody has experience with this safe or any safe suggestions would be helpful.
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      MK III upper

      If anyone has bought a Pac-Lite upper for their MK III and would like to get rid of the factory upper please let me know. I would prefer stainless but would take blued. Barrel length is not important.Shot me a PM if you are interested in selling, thanks.
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      S&W 629 Addict

      Well I dove into the .44 magnum world head first, with the purchase of a new 629 classic. And was wondering If any of you guys and gals would like to post some of your opinions of the 629 and any other .44s for that matter. Also any upgrades or mods you have found to be worth while would be...
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      Gewehr 98 custom build.

      I recently picked up a 1916 Gewehr 98, and was thinking about using it as a base for a custom build. So I was wondering what you guys could tell me about it. I know all the basics, but what I really need to know is will parts for a K98 fit my Gewehr. Will an aftermarket stock for a K98 fit, or...
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      + 1 for greyhound47

      Great transaction, great gun, Great Guy.
    11. R

      +1 ihunt

      Great guy very professional good gun would do business with him again.
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      Mini 14 196 series vs 580 series

      Hi I am looking at buying a ruger mini 14, it is a 196 series. From what I have read on the internet is that the 196s suffer from the mini 14s "lack of accuracy". So I am hoping I can get the imput from both 190 series owners and 580 series owners to see if I should buy the old or the new. Now I...
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      +1 for Indy_Guy_77

      Great transaction as well as a great firearm would do business with again.
    14. R


      I recently saw a swedish mauser for sale the other day and was wondering if I could get some insight from you guys. The price is 350 which I think is about right mabey a bit high but oh well. I also know it is a very accurate rifle. that being said I was just wondering what your thoughts about...
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      where to buy clay pigeons

      anyone know of a place where you can buy clay pigeons in bulk?
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      GP 100 VS. S&W mdl 19

      I am looking at getting a .357 wheel gun, and have narrowed my choices down to a Ruger GP 100 or S&W mdl 19 Combat Magnum. I would like to hear from those of you who own or have shot either of these weapons. Your opinions and experiences will be very helpfull in making my decision. Any input you...
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      Wanted 1887 lever action shotgun opinions

      I have been looking at getting an 1887 lever action shotgun. And I was thinking about a Norinco or maybe ordering one from Buffalo Arms. So I was wondering if anyone owens one or had any thoughts about these. Any info you could give me would be very much appriciated, Thanks.
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      +1 for lewisjt

      Very nice guy, would gladly deal with him again.
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      WTS/Uberti SAA + Belt and Holster

      Up for sale is a Uberti Single Action Army revolver. It is the quick draw model with a 4.75in barrel and hard wood grips. the grips are a little dinged up but not terrible, there are drag marks on the cylinder but that is to be expected. The overall condition is Pretty good. Also for sale is...
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      Buying/Selling dirty gun

      Why is this gun, dirty is somthing I think of every time I pick up a gun with intent to buy. Mabey it is lazyness or just not enough time in the day that causes this. When I take one of my firearms to a show to sell it I make darn sure that it is clean. But more often than not the guns, dealers...
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