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      WTS/WTT: VZ2008 Side Folder 7.62x39

      I'm looking to sell or trade my VZ2008 side folder. It is in excellent condition and will come with 1 30 round mag. I am the original owner, it has under 200 rounds through it without any issues, and it's is a great shooter. I am primarily looking to trade it for other com block AK rifles or...
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      WTS: Yugo NPAP DF/Underfolder

      I have a lightly used Yugo npap df/underfolder for sale or possibly for trade. It's got under 500 rounds fired and it's in excellent condition with very few dings on the bottom of the lower handguard where the underfolder stock occasionally contacts the handguard. Lockup on the stock is rock...
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      WTS: Canik TP9SF One Series As New in Box price drop

      Canik TP9SF One Series as new in box under 100 rounds fired, comes with original case and one magazine. Cash price $340.---> SOLD TO PROTOURAERO $320 FTF Great gun smooth trigger, ran good without any issues. It is a double so I'm looking to move it on to someone who will enjoy it more...
    4. M

      WTS: Century Arms Bulgarian AK-74

      Up for sale is a Century Arms AK-74 built with a surplus nonmatching bulgarian parts kit on a Nodak receiver and US made barrel. It has about 500 rounds through it without any issues... Some people have reservations about the price of the rifle considering it's a Century Arms build, however...
    5. M


      WTS/WTT: CZ SP-01 Threaded Barrel Suppressor Night Sights, comes with box and 2 18 round mags as new in box, less then 50 rounds of ammo through it. Cash Price $800. $$$SOLD TO IndianaSlim Walther PPQ M2 with xs big dot night sights, box, all accessories 2 magazines, low round count around...
    6. M


      TRADED!!! I have a excellent condition cz p07 with threaded barrel, suppressor night sights, 2 17 round mags box and all accessories. It has a low round count and is in as new condition. Has the decocker installed but can be converted to safety for cocked and locked carry. I'm looking to...
    7. M

      WTS: glock 19 gen 3/4 oem barrel like new NWI

      sold glock 19 gen 3/4 barrel low round count in excellent condition in NWI. Looking for $75, shipping extra.
    8. M

      WTT: Glock 19 Gen 4 excellent condition

      I have a glock 19 gen 4 excellent condition low round count with box and 3 glock mags as well as the standard accessories that come with it. This is a standard privately purchased glock 19 not a police trade in, and has the standard glock sights. FTF in Lake County NWI. I will not respond to...
    9. M


      WTS/WTT: CZ SP-01 with 2x18 round mags in excellent condition, box and all accessories, it has the CZ Night Sights, low round count runs without issues. CZ SOLD Glock 23 Gen 4 excellent with box and all accessories, 3 40 cal mags, glock 19 9mm barrel with glock 19 recoil spring and one...
    10. M

      WTT: CZ SP01 9mm

      CZ SP01 9mm cash price added I have a cz sp01 with 2x18 round mags in excellent condition, that I am looking to trade or sell. I'm looking for com block factory AK's, or factory made AR's, a CZ P01, or possibly other metal frame pistols in 9mm. I can add money on top for the right deal, and...
    11. M

      WTB: Tavor SAR 223 Left hand Bolt

      Looking for a Tavor 223 Left hand Bolt, if you have one let me know, I can pay cash or possibly trade some mags ????
    12. M

      WTS/WTT: WTT (for now) Glock 21 Gen 3 as new in box

      WTT/WTS Glock 21 Gen 3 as new in box $400 I have a glock 21 gen 3 as new in box, comes with box all accessories and 2 mags. I got if from another member here, who fired it exactly one mag (13 rounds), and I have not fired it since I got it from him. I am consolidating down to 9mm and this...
    13. M

      WTS/WTT: Glock Model 45 9mm as new in box

      Glock Model 45 9mm as new in box---TRADED!!! UPDATE CASH PRICE ADDED: Glock 45 9mm, as new in box, 68 rounds through it, ( 4 mags total), in as new condition, including the glock case brush 3 mags paperwork that came with it. I bought the glock as my concealed carry, but I'm going to stick...
    14. M

      WTT: Walther PPQ M2 9mm

      TRADED!!!! Looking to trade my spare Walther PPQ M2 9mm, with the regular (not night) sights, in excellent condition, with approximately 300 rounds through it. Comes with 2 mags, backstraps, lock, mag loader and literature as pictured (the finish is in excellent condition and what you see...
    15. M

      WTT: WTT 4x Springfield XD 40 12 round mags

      WTS/WTT 4x Springfield XD 40 12 round mags 4 Barely used Springfield XD 40 12 round mags for trade, I can add money on top depending on trade. Cash price added $60 FTF. Looking to trade for : Glock 9mm mags Springfield XD 9mm mags Springfield xd 45 mags Bersa Thunder 380 single stack...
    16. M

      WTT: Glock 17 Gen 4 BNIB

      Up for trade is another one of my spare Glock 17 Gen 4 which is unfired and brand new in box. It has the NY-1 trigger, which has a slightly heavier trigger pull than the standard glock trigger. It comes with 3 17 round mags as well as the standard literature brush and loader that comes with any...
    17. M

      WTT: glock 17 gen 4

      TRADED!!!! I have a BNIB glock 17 gen 4, comes with 3 mags and the usual literature/mag loader/backstraps. My trade interests include com block AK's, factory AR15's, as well as other handguns, and if you have a all steel CZ 9mm or a glock 40 in 10mm lets talk. I am located in NWI and...
    18. M


      I bought this lower with the hopes of putting it together into a 9mm carbine but lost interest and I am looking to pass it on to someone else. It's a PSA 9mm billet lower which accepts glock magazines, link below: PSA Stripped Billet 9mm Lower w/mag Catch Assembly and Ejector - 7790591 My...
    19. M

      WTS/WTT: S&W Shield 9mm w/ safety

      S&W Shield 9mm w/ safety price drop I have a BNIB unfired Shield 9mm with the slide safety. I bought this gun 6 mths ago as a possible concealed carry gun but never did start carrying it. I am sticking with my G26, and since I dont shoot any compact handguns other then the one I carry I am...
    20. M

      WTT: glock 17 gen 4 excellent cond

      glock 17 gen 4 excellent condition I am looking to trade my Glock 17 Gen 4 approx 300 rounds through it in excellent condition, with 3 mags backstraps and literature. Located in NW Indiana willing to drive some for the right deal. Looking for a CZ SP01 9mm, CZ P01 9mm, Glock 20 or Glock 40...
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