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    1. LongRangeBushy

      Measuring rear sights….

      Ok I’m older with bad eyes. However I change lots of sights as a Glock armorer… my question is what’s the best practices or tools to use to center the sights… I use calipers but it’s measure Re measure measure and it doesn’t always feel accurate depending on the slides …..or is there a better...
    2. LongRangeBushy

      Home range

      So I built a home range.. bulldozer came in November 5 th ish .. is 10’. Berms enough? What say you Ingo? Please be nice. picture is rough range not finished..
    3. LongRangeBushy

      Indiana Law

      Can someone point me in the right direction. I'm looking for the Indiana laws surrounding transportation of a long gun -- i.e shotgun/ rifle --loaded unloaded / cased not cased or locked .. Everything I seem to find is related to Handgun and licensing. Thanks
    4. LongRangeBushy

      Page Not Founds Errors

      I have a challenge. Whenever I scroll doen through the conversat posts.Trying to follow the Conversations on a thread . I can read 20/30 post or even more in order..Then whenever i get to the current posts -- Ones posted in the last 10 minutes or so I get Page not Found Errors.. Has anyone...
    5. LongRangeBushy

      Enidine Hydraulic recoil BUffer

      I am Thinking about trying a Enidine buffer for my fixed Magpul Prs Stock. Has anyone tried one of these buffers in this combination and will it reduce "felt" recoil like it says or do you think its worth the $100 investment. I have a 24" ar with a bipod and it tends to bounce off the...
    6. LongRangeBushy

      Hello from Grant County

      Long time silent lurker....recently registerd.. Im new to the 400 yard game with a .223 and i would love to start shooting IDPA but dont know anyone in my area to break the ropes/nerves
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