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      Slow Running Drain Question

      I have a second floor bathroom sink drain that initially drains ok but then starts to back up into the sink after the water runs for 30 seconds or so. When the water is shut off, it slowly drains down. When the water becomes flush with the opening of the drain, the drain will belch an air...
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      WTS: SOLD STIHL Lawn Equipment - Leaf Blower, String Trimmer and Sidewalk Edger

      For sale are three pieces of STIHL power lawn care equipment. All three units start and run well and include the owners instruction manual. These are 2-cycle engines and use 50:1 gas to oil mix. SOLD FC55 Sidewalk Edger with 8 inch blade - $50 SOLD FS45 Curved Shaft String Trimmer with easy...
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      WTS: Savage Barrel .223 Remington Varmint Contour - 26 Inch - 1:9 Twist - Small Shank

      For sale is a Savage small shank varmint contour barrel chambered in .223 Remington. It is 26" long with a 1:9 twist rate and the diameter is 0.81 inches at the muzzle. It is a takeoff from a Savage 12 FV. It has about 750 rounds down the pipe and has consistently shot between 0.5 MOA and 1.0...
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      Seeking Recommendations On a Good Shooting Mat

      I want to get a shooting mat so that I can work on my skills from the ground. Areas where I plan to use it have mostly concrete or gravel surfaces. If there is a particular model or style that you really like or dislike, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thanks
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      In What Ways Can Primers Fail?

      I experienced a half dozen "poof" loads in a batch of 357 Magnums I recently loaded and shot. In each one, the bullet went down range but with very little recoil or report, less than a light 38 target load. I am blaming my Lee Auto Disk measure because it has some inconsistencies in its...
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      Seeking Recommendations On a Good 1911 Ambidextrous Safety

      I plan to get an ambidextrous safety for my Springfield Armory Ronin 45 ACP. I would appreciate recommendations on brands/models from those of you who have done this modification and/or have knowledge from the 1911 community of what is popular and works well from an installation and reliability...
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      Lee Auto Drum Powder Measure Users - What is your experience?

      I have been using a Lee Pro Auto Disk powder measure my Lee turret press for a long, long time and it has served me well. It has a few shortcomings and I have been looking at the Lee Auto Drum measure as a possible upgrade. For those of you who use one, what are your thoughts, pros and cons?
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      Snowblower Engine Repair Question - Won't Start

      I have the proverbial Toro snowblower that won't start. It's a 2010 21" Power Clear with a R-Tek 2-cycle engine. It's been a good starter (1-2 pulls) for years but the past two years it has been taking 3-4 pulls. Two years ago, changing the spark plug improved this but last year, it didn't...
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      Early Thanksgiving Dinner Guest

      This guy showed up early for dinner today.
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      Dry Neck Lube Application Question

      I starting using Imperial dry neck lube for full length sizing of my 6BR Norma cases because it eliminates the need to clean spray lube residue from inside the neck prior to dropping powder. I use a Forster custom honed full length sizing die and Imperial sizing lube on the body of the case...
    11. B

      Hodgdon HS 6 - What Is Your Experience With It?

      I have been looking at Hodgdon HS 6 since it has been readily available. Would like to hear from those who are using it and their thoughts on it. I would most likely use it in .45 ACP, .45 Colt and lighter .357 Magnum loads.
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      Alliant Pistol Powders - Has Anyone Seen Them for Sale?

      In the past year, I have seen no Alliant powders for sale with the exception of one can of 2400 for sale at a LGS and a very brief supply of 2400 at MidwayUSA. I have seen not a spec of Bullseye or Unique at the usual brick and mortar and online retailers where other powders are available. Am...
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      What's Your Favorite Powder for .45 Colt?

      For those who like to sling big heavy chunks of lead downrange, what is your favorite .45 Colt powder? I like 8.0 grains of Unique with a 250 grain bullet. My supply of Unique is nearly exhausted however, so I will be experimenting with W231, Bullseye and 700-X.
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      Seeking Recommendations For a 1911 Adjustable Rear Sight

      I'm looking for recommendations on a 1911 adjustable rear sight. This is for a Springfield Ronin 45 that has a Novak style dovetail cut. It will primarily be a range gun and not for carry. My preference is probably a blank sight with no dots but I imagine that most good sight products will...
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      Biden, Dems Want to Monitor Americans' Bank Accounts

      Democrats have ambitious plans with their proposed $3.5 Trillion spending plan. A key component of funding their aspirations hinges on collecting more tax revenue through stepped up IRS enforcement. Dems have proposed new regulations which would require banks to report gross inflows and...
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      Speer 124gr Gold Dot HP - Standard Load or +P Load for Self Defense?

      I plan to test some Speer 124gr Gold Dot HP ammo for reliable function in my Glock 45. For a self defense round, would you recommend the standard load or the +P load in this pistol? Thanks
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      Questions on Loading Small Primer 45 ACP Cases

      A couple questions about small primer 45 ACP cases. 1) For those who use these cases, do you make any adjustments to the load data due to difference in primer size? 2) Will once-fired cases of this type typically have crimped in primers or are they like traditional non-military primers? Thanks
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      Woke Ivy League teaches young Americans how to be totally unemployable

      We need to hear more refreshing viewpoints like this on the Left's destruction of our educational institutions. 'Woke' Ivy League teaches young Americans how to be 'totally unemployable': Douglas Murray
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      Colt 1911 Competition Model thoughts

      I found this Colt 1911 Competition model 45 ACP at a local shop this afternoon. Asking price was $999 which is about $50 over MSRP. I left it there because I have never really looked much at Colt for a 1911. I know that Colt is synonymous with 1911s but didn't feel that I knew enough to buy...
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      1911 Ambidextrous Safety Question

      I was just wondering how many of you left handed 1911 shooters have intentionally purchased one with an ambidextrous safety or have installed one.
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