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    1. daddyusmaximus

      Woohoo! Cheney is getting her butt kicked.

      She'll be lucky to get a job at CNN or on The View...
    2. daddyusmaximus

      Last of the V8 Inteceptors

      Another one bites the dust...
    3. daddyusmaximus

      67-year-old dies after getting sucker-punched

      ^^^ This right here. The level of outright violence in what passes for "society" these days is just insane. I know that violence itself... is almost never the answer to problems... but when one is dealing WITH violence... it's almost always the ONLY answer that can counter it.
    4. daddyusmaximus

      Best lever gun caliber

      I'm assuming you're not talking about "Back to the future"?
    5. daddyusmaximus

      Funny Political Picture Thread Part VII **** Diapers and Purple Pancakes

      I put that on Fascistbook a couple days ago... Guess what? Yup... it got "fact checked". Well... please clear it up for us dear "fact checkers"... Just WHO IS IT this army of IRS agents will be coming after then? Chinese taxpayers? They believe their base is so damn stupid, they're...
    6. daddyusmaximus

      Facebook's AI says Trump won 2020 election

      6:57pm I put it on facebook. OK, now wee see how long it takes before I get a 30 day vacation... or it gets covered for missing some fact...
    7. daddyusmaximus

      Don’t Be Surprised If FBI Arrests Trump on LIVE TV

      Really? Remember we're talking about the "men can get pregnant" crowd...
    8. daddyusmaximus

      This is why you don’t mess with country people

      Exactly what I was thinking. Throw him at the girl... way to go dude... lol.
    9. daddyusmaximus

      IRS Job Posting - sound sounds like FBI, etc.

      Probably all the new jobs are for the "enforcement" branch... so they can have another extra large federal police force to enforce all the laws that are for those considered beneath the ruling class. Anytime you do something they don't like... You cheated on your taxes somewhere in the 18,000...
    10. daddyusmaximus

      FBI raids Trumps home

      Still kills me how they used to all love him...
    11. daddyusmaximus

      FBI raids Trumps home

      That's kinda how it worked for them last time isn't it...? This feels different though. Sure it worked for them last time, but everybody knows they cheated. It's all out in the open. We let it happen, then promised not to let it happen again. Now their scared ****less to go that sneaky route...
    12. daddyusmaximus

      Best lever gun caliber

      I do...
    13. daddyusmaximus

      Long Gun Show and Tell

      Had one in .44 mag, so I needed one in .357 mag as well... Hey I don't make the rules.
    14. daddyusmaximus

      Best lever gun caliber

      Best... well that's a tricky word... Best for what? Hunting? OK... hunting what? Squirrels... (22LR) deer... (30-30, .44 mag) bear (45-70)? For me, I just want something that's good within close ranges. Say 150 yds or so. Most likely, 100 yds. Something I could go hunting with around here...
    15. daddyusmaximus

      Store owner stabbs robber to death video

      Typical leftist trash...
    16. daddyusmaximus

      Store owner stabbs robber to death video

      First I saw this vid. I just responded that he was wrong, and un-subbed as well. John was 100% wrong. He wasn't thinking like a person who is needing to protect himself. He was thinking like a lawyer. Specifically, a very liberal prosecutor. This is how we ended up with all these asinine laws...
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