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    1. C

      Wilson Combat edc x9 mag pouch

      I am looking for a kydex mag pouch for my new edc x9 for IDPA. I want kydex fitted pouches specific to this model, not the HSGI TACO style. I was hoping some INGO members have I did a quick search on ingo for past threads, but didn't turn up anything helpful. Any advice from INGO IDPA shooters...
    2. C

      Front Sight Nevada

      Have any INGO members trained here? Any thoughts?
    3. C

      IDPA legal magwell for gen 5 Glock 34

      I am thinking of adding a magwell to my gen5 Glock 34 and extended base pads to my mags. Do any INGO members have an IDPA legal setup that they like?
    4. C

      D2G @ ACC

      Any pointers for a first timer?
    5. C

      August TSA two gun match

      Has anyone heard if this match is on?
    6. C


      I had at one time asked about a gunsmith in Indiana who could do revolver action work, but I couldn't find the original thread. Everyone seemed to recommended Bosshoss. I sent him a PM and found out he is located in the next county over from me. We set up a time to meet at his shop...
    7. C

      INGO hats

      I originally signed up for INGO to find pistol and carbine matches. Over the years I have had the chance to meet and shoot with a lot of good people from INGO, but trying to meet up with people you have never met before at a match can get awkward. I decided to order an INGO hat and have my...
    8. C

      Kimber micro 9 feed issues

      Having issues with feeding a variety of ammo, but especially hornady critical defense. Would polishing the feed ramp and chamber solve this issue?
    9. C

      Magwell for Kimber 1911

      Anyone know a great 1911 pistolsmith in southern Indiana who can properly fit a magwell to a 1911? Also, ideas on what manufacturer/model is best. I would prefer something my Wilson/rogers mags will still work with.
    10. C

      Deputy Big Shot- Jefferson county

      Small shop, but quality stock. Knowledgeable and VERY helpful owner. This shop is more into MSRs and suppressors than hunting equipment.
    11. C

      April TSA match cancellation

      The April TSA at Batesville has been has been called off.
    12. C

      LT Wright knives

      Does anyone have any experience with LT Wright knives?
    13. C

      Recoil pad installation

      Looking for a reputable gunsmith in the southern part of the state to cut down a shotgun stock and install a recoil pad, keeping the same length of pull. All with the skill needed to not damage the stock. Any INGO referals?
    14. C

      Wilson's Combat Glocks

      Has anyone had any glock modifications done by the Wilson Combat custom shop? Looking for experienced input before I start forking out serious cash.
    15. C

      WTB Strong Case Pistol Box

      TJ, I sent a PM on your behalf to Chuck26287
    16. C

      Holiday Havoc IDPA match

      How many INGOers are planning to attend this match?
    17. C

      Rechambering a Martini rifle

      I have a martini that was re-barreled and chambered in .357 magnum. I want to have it reamed out to .357 Rem Max. Is this a project for an amatuer/beginner, or should I leave this to a professional?
    18. C

      Cold Steel hate

      Seems like Cold Steel has become a dirty word. Why?
    19. C

      Thoughts on Manticore mags for CZ Scorpion?

      Has anyone tried the Manticore 32rnd mags for the scorpion? Are they worth it at double the cost of the CZ mags?
    20. C

      2 gun matches

      Does anyone know of any other 2 gun matches in indiana other than the TSA matches in Batesville (which are GREAT)? I shoot there every month, but I would like to get a little more trigger time in this discipline.
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