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    1. Ark

      Changing Jobs

      Granted I have probably matured some, but every time I got to this point with a job, the decision ended up being made for me one way or another. People aren't blind, they can tell when you're miserable.
    2. Ark

      California Mandates Later School Start Times

      It's California. It's not like kids show up for school anyway, or do anything productive while they're there.
    3. Ark

      Changing Jobs

      Can't count the number of jobs I've had. I'm procrastinating on looking right now. With 20%+ real inflation you just can't sit around and wait for your employer to give you massive raises out of the kindness of their hearts.
    4. Ark

      Insane Transgender Activist Advocates For Policy To Put ALL Children On Puberty Blockers “Until They Decide Their Own Gender”

      I fully support this policy. One of the effects of puberty blockers is stunted genital growth. After about ten years, when all the young bucks are packing a Chapstick tube down there, the market value of my formerly average equipment will go through the roof. :laugh: :banana:
    5. Ark

      Keep it Classy, Indy This was pretty close to me. Passed it on the way home from work. Dead guy under a tarp in the road and a sedan with a hole the size of a grown man in the windshield. Looked like he was probably jaywalking...
    6. Ark


      If I don't use a couple pieces of medical tape before I run, that cotton shirt will sand the damn things right off my chest once it gets some salt and sweat soaked in. It's serious business.
    7. Ark

      My visit to Portland, OR

      It's sad that so many of the most beautiful places in this country are run by delusional idiots and populated by scum. Can't have it all.
    8. Ark

      Ewww. That must be one heck of a shredder.

      There's a handful of videos out there of dudes going into those industrial shredders. They can shred a cast iron V8 block, some meat is nothing to them. Gnarly way to go. Doesn't take long or leave much left.
    9. Ark

      When did golf carts and side by sides become so common?

      Maybe I'm out of date but I thought ALL that stuff, golf karts and ATVs and SxS, were no-go anywhere in Indiana except private property.
    10. Ark

      IRS Job Posting - sound sounds like FBI, etc.

      50 hour a week and on call can eat poop and die, never doing that again. I punch that clock and cease using deadly force against other Americans at 4:55pm, thank you very much.
    11. Ark

      FBI raids Trumps home

      I don't believe this anonymous BS for a second. Trump stole nuclear codes? Get real.
    12. Ark

      Don’t Be Surprised If FBI Arrests Trump on LIVE TV

      It's absolutely coming and they will roll with a whole media crew of their own and their most "diverse" rainbow haired cartoon character agents front and center. It's all about the pageantry.
    13. Ark

      Teen found with 2 Glocks, revolver outside Indiana State Fairgrounds

      Certainly seems like the most likely explanation.
    14. Ark

      FBI raids Trumps home

      I would guess that his detail has been tattling to and collaborating with the FBI this entire time.
    15. Ark

      FBI raids Trumps home

      FBI has dropped all pretense of being anything but the DNC secret police. The American Gestapo, NKVD, KGB, etc. Their role is to persecute and destroy the political enemies of our dominant political party and to expand that party's hold on power by any means necessary. Really feels like we...
    16. Ark

      Store owner stabbs robber to death video

      I have no problem with this and would vote to acquit. They're robbing the place and as far as I'm concerned you are morally clear to shoot them once it's established that this is a robbery. If the guy comes over the counter during a robbery, that's just more threat icing on the cake. If the...
    17. Ark

      Whatever happened to....

      Compelling evidence for why the hair spray ozone thing was real. Man people were nuts back then.
    18. Ark

      Maggot killer

    19. Ark

      SMH some people shouldn't have kids

      Free range toddlers, the new trend in parenting. By allowing them to wander the neighborhood and scavenge for their own food, the farmer can command a much higher price at the supermarket later. My siblings and I all have at least one of these stories. When my sister was about 2, she seized an...
    20. Ark

      What are you watching on Netflix and Amazon Prime?

      Prey landed on Hulu and the high seas today. It was pretty great. It's Predator versus Comanche warriors in 1719 Great Plains America. Just a solid action movie.
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