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    1. Kirk Freeman

      Gap on grip/lower

      Kirkified my Stag M16A4 clone, put Magpul SL on it and have a gap, or perceived gap, between the grip and the undercut of the lower. Aero still does the lowers for Stag, yes? So, I am close to TDP on the lower. What is the problem here? Does Magpul make them this way because of the COTS...
    2. Kirk Freeman

      Thanks to INGOer Big Craig

      While driving down to drill early Saturday (18 JUN) the lugs on my driver's side front decided to take a leave of absence without my permission. While I almost bought the farm, I did limp it to dad's house where Big Craig serves as neighbor. While I took the Clinton Era Mercury to Stout Field...
    3. Kirk Freeman

      Don't Put .Gov In Charge of Rights

      . . . or this will happen.
    4. Kirk Freeman

      DoubleStar in June/July Issue of SAR

      Those familiar with the Indy1500 will see familiar faces in the June/July issues of Small Arms Review. J&T Distributing, now DoubleStar, is featured and going great guns--multiple expansions, new products, growing work force, all in nearby Winchester, Kentucky. Good to see the dark horses get...
    5. Kirk Freeman

      Armalite Pegasus Lowers

      One thing about being older is that I no longer flip out over totally nerdy, impractical stuff anymo . . . zOMG, look at this! Pegasus lowers from Armalite, give me two right this minute.
    6. Kirk Freeman

      Mayor Chicago & Her Platoon of Bodyguards

      The Mayor of Chicago has an augmented platoon of bodyguards at any given time, but refuses you to have a Glock 19 with a 15 round magazine. Yeah, not happening, Madam Mayor...
    7. Kirk Freeman

      SIG's 3-D Printed Suppressors on TFB

      SIG Sauer has gone over to 3-D printed (additive manufacturing) suppressors. TFB's Shorts Lawyer talks with SIG's goofy facial hair guy, video in link.
    8. Kirk Freeman

      Beretta Continues Empire Building

      Beretta continues its fast paced growth, acquires ammunition giant RUAG of the HC.
    9. Kirk Freeman

      SIG MCX-Spear to be COTS

      Pre-SHOT even though SIG will not be at SHOT this year, SIG has announced that their NGSW submission will be available as a Title I commercial off the shelf purchase in .277 Furry (6.8 X 51).
    10. Kirk Freeman

      Handgun for Nephew's 21st?

      Now that holiday shopping is done and over with, I turn my gaze to Nephew #2's 21st birthday. Which handgun for nephew? He has a Glock M17 Gen4 now. My brother says I should get him a 1911, but he is a Zoomer, not a Boomer. Walther PDP? Steyr M9A1? FN509? Maybe a .22? Something solid but...
    11. Kirk Freeman

      JJE (PSA) Acquiring Nodak Spud

      JJE (PSA's parent) continues its growth pattern, acquiring Nodak Spud (known for AKs and retro AR-15s) in Minnesota. Nodak Spud will be folded into Harrington and Richardson as a subsidiary...
    12. Kirk Freeman

      POF Roller-Lock BW20 Coming?

      Pakistan Ordnance Factory's Ali Salman brings out a G3 variant which may come to the COTS market in the USA. 7.62 version to feature SR-25 mags; 5.56 version to feed from M-16 mags. Video at link...
    13. Kirk Freeman

      Rec on Zip Tie Gun for Electricians?

      I know we have more than several electricians here on INGO and Nephw #3 completed his AA and is working as an apprentice at a new hospital near Pittsburgh (he is currently on "duct duty" crawling through the ducts to work). Pay is great and at 19 living at home he does not have much overhead...
    14. Kirk Freeman

      Colt Safety Recall

      Hammer problems on Colt CR carbines and rifles. Be advised: IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL NOTICE REGARDING CERTAIN COLT MODERN SPORTING RIFLES COLT’S MANUFACTURING COMPANY LLC (“COLT”) has recently discovered a potential safety issue with certain Modern Sporting Rifles (“MSRs”). Colt is voluntarily...
    15. Kirk Freeman

      FPC Seeking 18-19 year olds for 2A Case

      Be advised:
    16. Kirk Freeman

      French Army Receives FN SCAR-H PR

      More like a DMR to me, but the French Army, who is re-arming, is receiving its first FN SCAR-Hs. Will be interesting to see how the high end S&Bs hold up on the notorious optics eater like the SCAR 7.62.
    17. Kirk Freeman

      Optical Errors Article, SAR, Oct. 2021

      I believe INGO will find an article in the latest Small Arms Review regarding optical perception to be quite insightful notably Snell's Law and Seidel Five Aberrations and how they impact shooting.
    18. Kirk Freeman

      Smith & Wesson Announces Relocation to TN

      Smith moving out of Massachusetts to Maryville, Tennessee. The old "no skilled labor in the South" argument is deader than a Dodo bird. Will the last gun maker in the Northeast please turn off the light...
    19. Kirk Freeman

      More Turkish 9MM Arriving

      Over the past 18 months I have wondered aloud, where are the Israelis, the Chileans, the Turks? Well, as to the Turks, they are here.
    20. Kirk Freeman

      Coin Storage?

      Anyone have an efficient way to organize gold and silver coins? Right now I am using wooden cigar boxes with sliding tops. Got to be something better? Thanks.
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