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    1. Kirk Freeman

      Gap on grip/lower

      Add it to the evergrowing list of "just one more thing to do"?:D Kirk with hand files, think of the children. See disclaimer below for INGO's best selling DVD series, "Gunsmithing with Kirk":
    2. Kirk Freeman

      Gap on grip/lower

      Thanks, Des.
    3. Kirk Freeman

      I want a lever-action gun in:

      Yes, I know trash sells but to build something you can convince those with the money to build it. Sorry, do not see an objective market for it.
    4. Kirk Freeman

      Gap on grip/lower

      Kirkified my Stag M16A4 clone, put Magpul SL on it and have a gap, or perceived gap, between the grip and the undercut of the lower. Aero still does the lowers for Stag, yes? So, I am close to TDP on the lower. What is the problem here? Does Magpul make them this way because of the COTS...
    5. Kirk Freeman

      I want a lever-action gun in:

      They would not. Who is the target market???
    6. Kirk Freeman

      The Funny Pic Thread Part 13 - Clowns to the Left of me, jokers to the right, Welcome to DC!

      My name? Cash money, why do you ask?
    7. Kirk Freeman

      POLITICAL pictures - Funny (unlikely), Sad (more likely) Infuriating (most likely)

      I don't know . . . *hands in pockets, drills toe into dirt* . . . maybe.
    8. Kirk Freeman

      Carry Knife type preference? Auto? Assisted? Manual?

      All of the above.:D
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