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      Turn Signals, Does Anyone Use Them Anymore?

      My pet peeve is when I pull up to a stop sign, and there is a car waiting at the stop going the opposite direction. No turn signal, so they must be going straight, right? Well, while we're waiting for cross traffic to clear, they “might“ turn on their left turn signal. Then they give me the...
    2. D

      What should an FFL transfer cost?

      CLS Pawn, corner of 931 and Carter. Just used them in March for two SKS rifles.
    3. D

      What should an FFL transfer cost?

      In Kokomo, $20 for the first gun, only $5 for each additional gun in the same shipment.
    4. D

      How old were you when you started taking Social Security?

      Didn't see this mentioned, but if you are withdrawing from your 401k this will most likely count as income and your social security will be taxed.
    5. D

      INGO Garage Sale / Swap Meet

      Sorry OP. Didn't know my comment would sidetracked the thread. I think it's a great idea.
    6. D

      INGO Garage Sale / Swap Meet

      I would come, not so much to sell anything, but possibly buy.
    7. D

      INGO Garage Sale / Swap Meet

      Limited to firearms related items? Or will there be people selling trinkets and hair ribbons? ;)
    8. D

      Anyone with experience with a mini split unit ?

      Not sure this would apply, since it's not your living quarters, but there is a federal tax credit if you get the more efficient model. I think it goes by a SEER number the higher the better. The manufacturer would have details and a certificate for this. It was $300 credit, but mine is on a...
    9. D

      So, Peppermint oil

      On the way home from hiking near salamonie lake, we stopped for pizza in Converse. Sitting at the table, saw a tick moving across it near my arm. Grabbed it and took it outside and killed it. My wife found another one on me, and one in my helmet. None on her. Couldn't take the pizza home since...
    10. D

      What would your superpower be?

      To see one week into the future
    11. D

      INGO Drummer/Percussionist Thread

      Still have my aluminum sticks from when I was a hippie teenager in the '60s
    12. D

      Phone number 555 dash, Social Security Number 062 dash?

      How would they know you are going to be a RR worker when you grow up?
    13. D

      National Park permit question

      A few years ago I purchased a senior lifetime pass. Got in just before they raised the price from $10 to $80. It only took about two weeks for my pass to show up. All this was pre-pandemic, but three months seems excessive. I don't know who you could call, but I wouldn't wait any longer to check...
    14. D

      Uvalde Texas Killing

      To me, that sounds similar to handing someone a gun and telling them, “it's not loaded, you don't need to check it.“ If I'm going to work on equipment, I want to have my lock keeping it from operating, just like I want to check a gun when it's handed to me.
    15. D

      Uvalde Texas Killing

      Not to sidetrack things, but in my lock out/tag out training, Jamil would have to have his lock/tag on the equipment and verify it is in safe condition himself. You can lock it out too, but as the person working on the equipment he “must“ have his on it.
    16. D

      The Funny Pic Thread Part 13 - Clowns to the Left of me, jokers to the right, Welcome to DC!

      Not only did I stop scrolling, I used the zoom feature
    17. D

      Gas prices

      Most stations in Kokomo were $4.89 this morning. Sam's Club still at $4.59, so filled up the bike, rode home and switched to the van and got it filled up as well. That station was crazy busy. Attendant said he expected them to raise the price this afternoon.
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