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    1. D

      Crawlspace question

      Have some humidity issues in my crawlspace and finally decided it's time to take care of it. I have two sump pumps with a drain channel around the perimeter internally, so no standing water. Notice some mold on the joists and the wood seems pretty damp. So I contacted a few crawlspace...
    2. D

      Kokomo FFL

      For those of you that live around Kokomo, I just used CLS Pawn at the corner of Carter Street and Hwy 931 for an FFL for a couple rifles I bought from Bud's Gun Shop. $20 for the first gun, only $5 for each additional gun in the same shipment. Thought that was a great price compared to some...
    3. D

      Log Furniture in Indiana

      Anyone know of a place in Indiana that sells log furniture similar to this
    4. D

      Treating knotty pine T&G

      We are redoing our sun room, turning it into a four season room. Plan on using knotty pine t&g carsiding on the interior. The walls are approx 80% windows, so this will only be a small area above and below the windows. We want the wood to have a little bit of color, but not much. Put some water...
    5. D

      Celestron customer support A+

      So in 2019 I asked my daughter for Celestron binoculars for Father's Day. She came through, and I've used them quite often and like them a lot. Recently, the eyecups loosened up and would no longer stay in place. In late July I contacted Celestron and asked if there was anything I could do to...
    6. D

      Dirty Dan's

      For all you Kokomo Kreatures, Dan's Variety Bakery is closed for now. The owner's have covid. Gonna have to buy your donuts somewhere else for awhile;)
    7. D

      TV Antenna

      Asking this for my daughter. She lives near McCordsville and wants an antenna to pick up local stations. Wants to keep it as simple as possible. I see two options for her. First, buy a small indoor antenna and place it near the TV. They are around $30-40, and need power. I can't really tell how...
    8. D

      WTS: SOLD 1989 Goldwing

      1989 Honda Goldwing GL1500 55,500 miles (Kokomo, IN) Comes with Tow-Pac Instatrike kit, installs/removes in about 20 minutes. Extras include: custom lighting, custom paint decals, Corbin seat with driver backrest, passenger armrests, driver/passenger/highway floorboards, wind deflectors...
    9. D

      Where will you practice?

      So if the Demons are successful at banning mags over ten rounders, and/or “assault“ rifles, where will we be able to practice? The ranges probably won't be allowed to let us shoot there, and if you shoot your AR in your back yard, you never know when a neighbor will call the authorities.
    10. D

      Top Ten Fly-bys

      Hope this works, never posted a YouTube video before: Top Ten Fly-bys
    11. D

      Do you test run all your mags?

      So over the past few years I've bought those deals on ar pmags where you can get ten for around $100. Also have several ak mags of various manufacturers. Many of these are still in the original packaging, unopened. Seems I always use the same two or three mags when I go shooting. Just wondering...
    12. D

      Another praise for Brian's Surplus

      Bought a Taurus public defender about a year ago. Ammo availability for this has been non-existent lately. Stopped at the store today, and they were well stocked with several choices. Greatly appreciated and keep up the good work.
    13. D

      The price of things to come

      My daughter just paid $1.29 per gal for gas. That made me think about what will happen when this virus slows down. I suspect gas prices will immediately double. And I think those businesses that survive will increase their prices on goods and services to try to make up for their losses. I don't...
    14. D

      Phillip Rivers...Really???

      In my opinion, he's not even a 'has-been'. He's a 'never-was'! What is the Colts management team thinking?
    15. D

      Book Recommendation

      Rarely do something like this but I'm enjoying this book so much I thought I would share. It is titled “Spearhead“, writen by Adam Makos. He interviewed a tank gunner a few years ago and wrote a war biography following this man and the crew and company he was with through several battles in...
    16. D

      Grissom Air Show this weekend

      Looks like security will be tight at this one, and the list of prohibited items is pretty long. In their policy I noticed it says confiscated items will not be returned.
    17. D

      Naming Guns?

      Does anyone name their guns? I have several SKS carbines and thought about naming each after a historic female warrior from the same country as each gun. Or maybe just finding a female name from each country, historic or not, and using that. For example, for my Romy I'm thinking of using the...
    18. D

      Reputation question

      Thought this question should go in the front desk forum, but I cannot start a new thread there. Is there a way to give a positive rep to someone who PM's you with helpful information?
    19. D

      Surplus 7.62x39 on stripper clips availability

      Anyone seen any of this in stock anywhere? Been looking for quite awhile with no luck. SKS is hungry
    20. D

      $100 binoculars?

      Kids are wanting suggestions for Father's day gifts. Any decent binoculars in the $100 price range?
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