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      .45 vs 9mm

      Actually a few cases of a bear being stopped with 22LR. Although it is less effective, it is not entirely ineffective. Interesting article. Basically, if you use any handgun to shoot the bear, you have a very high chance of surviving the encounter. Not that anyone sane would recommend 22LR...
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      Anyone else considering voting Sceniak after Young showed us his true colors? Todd's score is 50%. Votes the right way half the time. Certainly not good. But far better than the Democrats' scores. Indiana Democrats were at 6% and 8% respectively. Voting the right way 50% of the time is far better than voting the...
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      **Get Your Ammo Here----2nd Edition**

      9mm new brass for $0.29 / rd after shipping! ($.25 / rd before shipping)
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      Small Farms Matter

      Ohh. We've considered growing grapes for wine. And we have pawpaws on our property; didn't know you could make wine from their juice! Any tips, suggestions?
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      Nice excursion in southern IN.

      Yes to that. Yoho is fine, but nothing special. It's more enjoyable for the nostalgia / history than for the food being anything exceptional. But it's a cool place to visit. And Solsberry is certainly "Southern Indiana". It's in the bottom 3rd of the state. I live a few min away, and...
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      July 1 Carry Laws

      To the OP: The interesting thing is the seeming conflict between IC 35-47-2-3 and IC 35-47-2-1(b) regarding car-carry. To me, it seems that 35-47-2-3 is controlling, as it specifically allows carry. I see no other law that would specifically disallow carry in vehicles (except for persons...
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      Anyone else considering voting Sceniak after Young showed us his true colors?

      Yes. Even though I am terribly disappointed in Young, I will vote for him as a vote against McDermott in Nov. With the Senate on the precipice, it is the most important thing ever to break the Dem stranglehold. Right now they control the Presidency, the House and the Senate. I can live with...
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      How many of you bought a gun since last week's court ruling?

      The SCOTUS court ruling was fantastic, but won't impact Indiana residents. The Biden gun control law was disappointing, but was more a "feel good" bill for the anti-gunners, with little real impact. Neither directly influences my decision to buy firearms. Unfortunately, finances and cash flow...
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      California AG doxxes ALL CA permit holders, retaliation for Bruen?

      Yes. They got caught, so they took down the entire site. But the Cali AG is at best criminally negligent.
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      Chicago cops barred from chasing people on foot who run away

      I was reacting to the "they deserve it" train of thought. Everything is a trade-off. But if you have a good job, family & close friends in an area, leaving is often not a realistic choice. No one deserves the type of politicians that California, Hawaii, New York, Illinois, etc... have. They...
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      What we know about the state of the permitless carry law going into effect July 1

      Ahh. That's wasted effort. We need to focus attention on supporting a good candidate for 2024. The election is only a little more than 2 years away, and it would be fantastic to elect a strong conservative who embraces gun rights, lower taxes, and freedom. Holcomb is still superior to many...
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      Surprising RINO

      Both my wife and myself did as well. We both got the same form letter about "how he supports the 2nd amendment by voting for gun control", and let him know our opinions of such. I still think the next primary is the time to vote against him, as McDermott is still far worse; and it is so...
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      What we know about the state of the permitless carry law going into effect July 1

      When I lived in Illinois, the only good thing I could ever say was "Thank goodness I don't live in California". There is always a "worse" one. ;)
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      Indiana has the worst Highway Dept

      It's very subjective. I travel a lot on long driving trips. IMO Indiana is in the middle; neither near the top nor the bottom. But what is truly painful is the constant construction. I agree with DoggyDaddy; they should pick a couple of big projects, throw everything at them to get them...
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      Interesting Indiana revolver

      Cool history. There are still hardware stores with interesting non-traditional hardware inventory. Menards branched out into various household goods, toys, and even groceries. But it seems only dedicated gun stores sell firearms nowadays, as jumping through all the Federal hoops isn't worth...
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      Think twice before purchasing from Palmetto State Armory!

      IMO don't waste any more time on it. It's not your problem. Eventually the purchaser of the firearm will scream to PSA, who will then finally realize they have a problem on their hands. Ignore them until it's convenient for you and they set up a UPS pickup...
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      Plumber Requested

      It could be the drain. It could be the connection to the shower valve. It could be the pipe behind the wall. Water seeks the lowest point / easiest path; so where you see the water isn't necessarily where it's coming from. None of those are hard to fix once you get to them. But you probably...
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      Canceling my site supporter status

      I got an infraction a while back (for the exact same thing as the OP). Although it was clearly stated in the rules, it is very different from any other forum I've been on; so I forgot. Given the common concerns and issues caused by this specific rule ("No posting in a for sale thread, even if...
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      New York State rifle SCOTUS case granted certiorari

      Fantastic news. So soon the U.S. will be 26+ "Constitutional Carry" and the rest "Shall-Issue". But I agree that the 7 states will do all they can to make "shall issue" as burdensome for gun owners as they legally can. But even burdensome "shall issue" is a huge step above the "no issue...
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      Chicago cops barred from chasing people on foot who run away

      That's a bit harsh. I was in the Chicago suburbs for quite a long time before I was finally able to maneuver into a position where it was feasible to leave Illinois. Those who continually vote for these criminal-loving citizen-hating politicians might deserve it, but those who constantly get...
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