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    1. GodFearinGunTotin

      Uvalde Texas Killing

    2. GodFearinGunTotin

      Uvalde Texas Killing

      Wonder how many indiana schools still have those metal detectors the state funded a few years ago?
    3. GodFearinGunTotin

      Uvalde Texas Killing

      It does not necessarily equal causation.
    4. GodFearinGunTotin

      Biden administration is close to giving WHO power over every intimate aspect of your life

      We are not a nation of laws but one of political will.
    5. GodFearinGunTotin

      Beer Virus V

    6. GodFearinGunTotin

      Like a Creepy Neighbor, State Farm is There

      The words that are the code to tell you all you need to know.
    7. GodFearinGunTotin

      Like a Creepy Neighbor, State Farm is There

      As these companies swallow the ESG koolaid, expect more of them to be friendly to the politically correct thing of the day.
    8. GodFearinGunTotin

      Beer Virus V

      “What you’re seeing here is the first steps toward an official acknowledgement that the mRNA vaccines have failed and new vaccines are coming sooner or later.”...
    9. GodFearinGunTotin

      Beer Virus V

    10. GodFearinGunTotin

      The next big scare?

    11. GodFearinGunTotin

      GenPol: Part VI----- Something Something Brandon?

      More good stuff being discussed at the WEF.
    12. GodFearinGunTotin

      Former Marine Surprises Package Thief, Hilarity Ensues.

      Welp, the folks that alerted me to this video did in fact say today it was a setup. Still funny though.
    13. GodFearinGunTotin

      Is Disney still a family destination?

      It’s almost that time a year again.
    14. GodFearinGunTotin

      Beer Virus V

      At least with the flu vaccines, they’re not not injecting you with a substance that causes clotting, heart problems, and who knows what else.
    15. GodFearinGunTotin

      GenPol: Part VI----- Something Something Brandon?
    16. GodFearinGunTotin

      Periodic power outages possible in the upper Midwest this summer

      Likely it means rolling black outs. I doubt any idled coal plants are ready to spin up, if they even still exist.
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