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    1. snowwalker

      ? On changes

      I tried to PM someone and the only thing I could find was "start a conversation". Is this the new?
    2. snowwalker

      Have you ever bought a gun by accident?

      I have. A good while ago there was a gun on GunBroker that I have wanted for awhile that retails for $700+ and was at $400. It came with the case and three magazines. I put a bid on it for $405 and forgot about it. After a week went by I got a notice in my email that I won the auction at the...
    3. snowwalker

      I am done

      I'm 60 years old and done. I have what I want. I bought 2 pistols two months ago and now I'm cured. I have not seen anything new in the last three years that I want and I'm not into military stuff. My accessories are where I want them, I'm good on my main supply of ammo, and I'm satisfied. I've...
    4. snowwalker

      GBW legend pro ammo

      I see this for sale more and more. I cannot find any info on the site for it so I wonder what INGO thinks of these rounds?
    5. snowwalker

      S&W 581

      I traded a gun that I paid a little over $500 (Sig P229R, had 2) for a near mint S&W 581 no dash last week. I have not shot it yet and I wish I could post picture, but it is a very nice looking revolver. The finish just shines for a twenty year old gun. This was when S&W really made very nice...
    6. snowwalker

      I need a little help

      I'm looing for an all metal single stack in 9mm. I have large ands and as of now I'm taking a serious look at a S&W 3913 or maybe a Sig 239. Are there others I should consider? Thank you.
    7. snowwalker

      Is this right?

      I ordered some ammo from TX and it was shipped by FedEx and arrived in Indianapolis. FedEx sends the package to the USPS who delivered it to my house today. My postman delivered the ammo to my home, but is this legal?
    8. snowwalker

      march today?

      I thought there was going to be a march today about some silliness. I have been to 8 different news sources and see absolutely nothing about it. I heard it was going to be nation wide What happened?
    9. snowwalker

      Obama wants to Federalize all the police.

      State's rights, what State's rights? Obama Calls For Federalizing Nation's Police Force After Dallas Shooting • Now The End Begins
    10. snowwalker

      FBI selects Glock

      I saw this today and thought I would share. Good chioce. BREAKING: FBI Selects Glock for Next Service Handgun - The Firearm Blog
    11. snowwalker

      Pocket holster for a Polish P-64?

      I picked up a Polish P-64 Makarov and need some advice on what kind of pocket holster to use for it. Like most of us I have a drawer full of holsters and don't want to add many more to it. I took a dremel tool to shave off the pinky extensions to fit my hand better. Any suggestions would be...
    12. snowwalker

      From Democrats and gun rights

      By Alpo " "Many people who visit fora are armchair warriors, never leaving the boundaries of their homes (or mom's basement) to actually fight for their country and it's principles of liberty. We normally call them trolls and this thread is symptomatic of that identifier. Most neocons are...
    13. snowwalker

      Democrats and gun control

      After the first democratic debate last night one thing was made very clear, all five participants want to change the 2nd amendment and will push for more severe gun control laws. How can anybody who supports gun rights like those on this forum, vote for a democrat that wants to take our rights...
    14. snowwalker

      took my oldest daughter shooting today

      We was at my dad's on the farm (mom passed in March this year) on Sunday and I started her in handgun shooting, she's 29. Went over and over the four laws and I took two pistols out of the range bag. We shot off a homemade bridge on the property into the bank. I have a Glock 23 Gen 2 and it is a...
    15. snowwalker

      A notice to AR-15 owners

      Just a heads up. Now they want to ban 5.56 ammo. Petition enclosed. This is more than the M855 ball ammo and this comes from the ATF Stop The Ammo Bans!
    16. snowwalker

      Texas open carry to be signed into law.

      I'm surprised no one has posted this yet....Texas Governor Sticks it to Gun Grabbing Moms Demand Action ? Will Sign Open Carry into Law - Freedom Outpost
    17. snowwalker

      Oklahoma man shoots police chief four times

      I'm glad that he has not been charge. Stupid people.////
    18. snowwalker

      Liberty Ammo wins huge lawsuit vs Government

      Horrifying: Woman Accused of Witchcraft Was Shot With Arrows, Tied to a Stake and Burned Alive | supply ammo to the military, who knew? SHOULD BE THIS..Ammunition Manufacturer Just Won a Huge Lawsuit Against the Federal Government |
    19. snowwalker

      I bought a Benchmade Spike auto

      A few days ago I bought a Benchmade Spike auto (1000?) and got it today. I wish I could post pics but I can't, but this knife is gorgeous. Silver blade with about one inch serrations in the back of the blade and has a blueish gray aluminum grip. In the butterfly it says Bali Song with Benchmade...
    20. snowwalker

      Now you must declare ethnicity when buying a gun?

      Obama administration forcing new gun buyers to declare race, ethnicity - Patriot Outdoor News - Patriot Outdoor News away of our rights!!
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