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    1. AmericanBob

      7.5x55 dies?

      Who's currently loading the Swiss sweetness and what dies are you using? I'm looking to pick up a set of dies and all I can find are Lee for cheap and Redding for not. From what I can find online, the rcbs or hornady are what are recommended the most. I'm new to the reloading game and just...
    2. AmericanBob

      WTS: Swiss Arms CO2 revolver

      .177 BB gun. CO2 powered, never used. I won this at the first NRA convention in Indy and never used it. Cones with a pack of CO2 cartridges. $40
    3. AmericanBob

      WTS: PPU 7mm-08

      3 boxes, 60 rounds of PPU 140 gr soft point 7mm-08. $60 Full disclosure- I had problems with this ammo chambering in my Bergara. I tried every single round and the ones that would not chamber I marked with a sharpie. I never did fire any. I measured the over all length and they are actually...
    4. AmericanBob

      WTS: Cabinet clean out

      A mix of stuff I had forgotten about in my cabinet. $50 takes it all. -2 fde single point slings, no name -fde neck gator - metal bipod that clamps on a barrel -20 unused stripper clips for a Swedish mauser - 3 M10 gas masks with filters. My kids pulled one out to look at/ play with. Bags are...
    5. AmericanBob

      WTS: Mixed brass, bullets and a die set

      SPF This stuff has been sitting in the back of the cabinet for too long, it is time to go. I have 300 pieces of mixed headstamp 30-06 brass. Winchester, remington, federal. $25 takes it. There is a box of 6.5 mm 130 grain Hornady ELDM bullets. The box has been opened, but the bag inside...
    6. AmericanBob

      WTS: Swampfox Arrowhead 1-10

      SPF I'm moving in a different direction so this has to go. The scope is very slightly used. I had it mounted on an AR and it was used for exactly 60 rounds. It is currently sitting in a Midwest Industries QD mount. I have the box and everything for the scope, I do no have the box for the...
    7. AmericanBob

      Suppressed AR-308

      Just took my first shots out of my 308 AR. This is my first venture into the large framed AR platform so excuse the inexperience. This is a factory Aero upper and lower, Aero 16 inch barrel, mid length gas system, standard Aero gas block, Magpul UBR stock so tube length is 7.75", KAK bcg...
    8. AmericanBob

      WTS/WTT: Hakim

      I'm mainly looking to trade for a German K98k with intact waffenamts and non duffel cut. This is a good looking Hakim. It comes with a spare magazine, take down manual, gas valve adjustment keys, and some new factory ammo. Cash price would be $1200.
    9. AmericanBob

      WTS: 9mm

      I have 450 rounds of mixed 9mm up for sale. 7 boxes of Federal, 1 box of Armscor, 1 box of PMC Bronze. As an added bonus, 20 rounds of 9mm shot shell! The boxes are worn looking but the ammo is prestine factory ammo. $300 takes it all.
    10. AmericanBob

      WTS: 45 acp.

      SPF I have 5 boxes of Winchester 45acp up for sale. $250
    11. AmericanBob

      WTS: 9mm

      SPF I have 5 Herters 100 round boxes of 9mm up for sale. $375 for the remaining 5 boxes.
    12. AmericanBob

      WTS: Mixed lot of 9mm

      SPF 850 rounds of 9mm $550 for it all.
    13. AmericanBob

      WTS: Grendel ammo

      SPF Getting out of grendel so it's time to sell the ammo. 1000 rounds of wolf - $375 per 500 or $700 for both. 90 rounds of mixed brass - $200. If you want all of it $850. I also have 176 spent Hornady cases - $100.
    14. AmericanBob

      WTT: 9mm handloads for component use

      These are some handloads that my father in law gave me a while ago. These are being offered for component use only! I believe he did not seat the projectiles deep enough, they would not chamber in my pistol. They have been in the back of my ammo cabinet, kind of forgotten. There are 83 assembled...
    15. AmericanBob

      WTT: Disregard

    16. AmericanBob

      WTT: Misc. Supplies

      This is a random assortment of stuff that has accumulated and needs to go. Looking to trade for factory .38 special, 9mm, 6.5 grendel, or Swiss GP-11. Also looking for 8mm mauser blanks made by PPU. Let's make a deal! - 200 CCI small pistol primers - gone - 500 CCI large pistol primers -...
    17. AmericanBob

      WTS: Mixed 30-06

      I have 5 types of 30-06 up for sale. Left overs from testing my Tikka to see what it liked. All the boxes have 4 rounds missing, except the Winchester, it is full. A total of 84 rounds. $50 for it all, won't break it up. SPF
    18. AmericanBob

      WTS: Ruger American Ranch rifle

      Listing my ranch rifle in .300 blackout. Only reason for selling to to consolidate calibers. It's been a great shooting rifle and is very accurate with Barnes 110 grain loads. It's the perfect youth deer rifle. It has a Vortex crossfire ii 1-4×24 on it and I have the boxes. Comes with 1...
    19. AmericanBob

      Hide help

      So who do you send your deer hides too? I still have 2 hides sitting in my freezer from last year that I need to deal with. Looking to have them turned into leather and my previous source is no longer around.
    20. AmericanBob

      Brought home a foreigner today

      I've had one of these on my list since I first laid eyes on one. Now I finally have my own Hakim!! Super stoked to take this sweet puppy out to the range and let the thunder roll!
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