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  1. bocefus78

    Home a.c. and furnace install

    A HUGE thank you to our very own churchmouse and his sil for taking the time to walk me thru replacing my 18 year old hvac system. He educated me on properly upsizing My unit for My needs. The new unit moves much more air, the compressor is twice as quiet as the old one, and most importantly...
  2. bocefus78

    Carry in OH laws

    What's the latest rundown of OH carry with an IN permit? Must inform? Signs mean the law? Anything else? I have to travel for work. Last minute deal with 1 day to prepare so any info is appreciated.
  3. bocefus78

    1911 mag maintenance question

    As a newer 1911 owner, I've got a noob question. I've got a couple mags giving me grief. What do I need to do to make these work again? CMC 10rd. Nosedives first or second round almost religiously. Wilson 8rd. 47d intermittent nosediving. Not predictable like the cmc. Do I need to stretch...
  4. bocefus78

    .45cap with steel jacket material? Found inside a log.

    While splitting wood, I found a 230gr 45acp projectile inside a log. Uneventful, right? Usually, yes. Thing is, this is a steel jacket and lead core projectile. Fairly thick jacket based upon the open base where the lead is exposed. I had never heard of such thing. Google returns nothing but...
  5. bocefus78

    WTS: Plano tackle boxes

    Sold. Bb44.....if you read this, I'll call later. They are yours. Plano model 1364. This is $38 plus tax on Amazon. Single tray plano box included free. Everything intact. No broken latches. Package deal. $25 for both. Cash no trades. Meet at cabelas in noblesville.
  6. bocefus78

    WTS: Reloading clearance sale: 40 brass, varget, n540, win lrp

    Reloading clearance sale: Viht n540 Selling some things I don't use to fund a trailer repair. All prices are fair and firm. Meet location is cabelas in noblesville. Only trade option is 45acp plated projectiles. SOLD......1000 federal brass. 40sw. Clean and polished. Ready to load. $40...
  7. bocefus78

    Legality of leaving a rifle at my unattended cabin

    Ok. Flame suit on, but this is a legitimate question. I've got a small cabin in the woods that I would like to leave a long gun at. It can go unattended for a couple months at a time sometimes. Sometimes just weekly. What's the legality of leaving a firearm at a place like this. It's far...
  8. bocefus78

    $169 complete ar stoner uppers at midway

    I didn't need another upper, but at this price, I got another one anyway. Act fast.....I don't see these lasting long
  9. bocefus78

    Plated projectile choices for .45acp

    I'm new to loading 45. With the 20% off today at extreme, I'm stocking up. I've ran 500 230gr RN with no issues, but I wonder as a 1911 noob, should I be looking at lighter weights? I use Wilson mags. Would hollow points present feeding issues compared to RN? It's a clark custom bbl with comp if...
  10. bocefus78

    Owen County swat standoff

    Shots fired at police. No injuries so far per the local Indy news. Stay safe fellas! I know we have at least one member here who is probably on this call. Probably more that I'm not aware of. News reports others in the home in addition to suspect. Hopefully it's not a hostage situation.
  11. bocefus78

    WTT: Reloading components or 22lr ammo for acorns

    Yes. You read that right. I want to plant some acorns for trees. Surely somebody can rake me up a 5 gallon bucket or so? If prefer a white variety but a mixture will also do. Yep. I'm racist in the acorn department :) Hamilton county or northern Marion. Have lots of components in 9,40,45,44...
  12. bocefus78

    WTS: Craftsman 24in self propelled leaf vacuum and chipper/shredder

    Located near cabelas in noblesville. This thing was my dad's. He can't start it anymore because of his shoulder. The pull cord is smooth but hard to pull. It's not a malfunction, it's because the thing doesn't have a clutch. It's always sucking. Your wife will not be able to start this but you...
  13. bocefus78

    10/22 stock repair (sling stud)

    I somehow managed to pull the rear sling stud out of the stock of my 10/22 target. Woodworking is not my specialty, so here I am. How should I repair this? Drill new hole? Some sort of wood filler or epoxy? Id rather not refinish the whole stock to fix a hole. Surely somebody with some...
  14. bocefus78

    Snake ID?

    Found in Owen county. Neighbor said after he killed it, the tail was making crackling sounds. 6 foot long or bigger. Found 50 feet from house and 10 feet from his dog run, and in a pile of branches I was in last night! Timber rattler?
  15. bocefus78

    WTB: Stihl top handle saw and maybe other models

    Wtb a 192t, 200t, or a 201t. Possibly other models. Mainly interested in smaller saws but I'd look at 70cc class saws as well. Pm me with what you have and a price. I do not need bars or chains. Running or not, but price must reflect condition. Will not pay new money for a worn out unit. I'm...
  16. bocefus78

    45 acp powder selection

    About to load up my first 45 rounds. Here's what I have on hand. Which would you choose? This is for 230gr extreme plated RN. Unique 231 700x Tightgroup Universal
  17. bocefus78

    Free: Scrap front load washer

    Gone It does work but barely. Drum bearings are loud. Its also small as Hell. Not worth fixing. Have to buy whole drum, not just bearings. Parts are over 200 bucks. Lots of people take the stainless drum out and make a firepit from it. Free near cabelas in noblesville. 1 mile west of...
  18. bocefus78

    WTB: Ruger 10/22

    Have a friend who did his first reveres riders event last weekend, and now wants to build a custom 10/22. He's looking for a donor action with bolt or complete rifle. The uglier, the cheaper, the better. Spray painted, scratched, drug behind a truck is ok. Youth model is ok. Cash in hand, in...
  19. bocefus78

    cabin or pole barn builder recommendations

    Location is Owen county, North of Spencer. I'm looking for people who can recommend me some contractors. After a timber harvest, I'll be building a small cabin or pole barn with a living quarters inside. Size wise, something around 30x30. I'd like a company or person who can do the dirt...
  20. bocefus78

    WTS: Remington bucket of bullets 22lr

    both are sold. $75 each or $140 for both. Losing $ at this price. It's firm. 2 available. 1400 rounds per bucket. Meet at Cabelas in Noblesville. Cash. No trades. These are the new and improved ones...not old production...
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