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  1. Water63

    Venting about a OC

    I was in a check out line today and the guy in front of me had a 1911 in a shoulder rig. The gun was cocked and I hope locked. It was a sturdy rig not a cheap holster by any means. I carry daily and OC a lot my concern is this guy grabbed his gun several times. After a few times I politely asked...
  2. Water63

    Cree Custom Firearms

    The benefits of a good gunsmith can go a long way in how a average gun works compared to one that has been work on by a good gunsmith. Cree Custom Firearms worked on a older Springfield 1911 for me. The Barrel was in bad shape and had a lot of slop in the lock up. Andy put a Kart barrel in the...
  3. Water63

    125gr 38 spl Missouri IDPA#6

    I'm looking to use these for ICORE I need to make 120 min power factor in a 38 special. I will be running them through a S&W 686and have been playing with different powders. So far I have made it with only 1 and that was CFE pistol. I have not tried Titegroup yet but have run clays and 231.I...
  4. Water63

    Input on Glock 35

    Looking for some input considering a Glock 35 for a competition gun. I used to shoot years ago the bug is starting to itch again. I shot wheel guns back in the day and am finishing up a 1911 now but I like the looks of the Gen 4 35 with the milled area for a red dot. The main reason for the 35...
  5. Water63

    Gander Mnt in Lafayette

    Let me first say I stop by the Gander when I am in Lafayette I don't buy much there but enjoy cruising through to look. Today I had a troubling experience there that I won't soon forget. If you are the one I am talking about please think about how you represent gun owners. There was a group of...
  6. Water63

    Glock 23 Gen 3 recoil spring question

    My daughter just got a Glock 27 Gen 3 and really likes it. It seems to handle recoil much better than her Glock 23 Gen 3. My question is the 23 has a stock recoil spring in it and she would like to upgrade it to something to handle the recoil more like the 27. I need some recommendations please...
  7. Water63

    dan wesson

    Had a few over the years nothing wrong with them.
  8. Water63

    Ruger SR1911 Night Sights

    I have a Ruger SR1911 and have thought about putting night sights on it. It is not my primary carry gun but all the guns I do carry have night sights. I found a set of Kimber night sights used for a reasonable amount. Will these fit the Ruger SR1911? I can't seem to find a good answer searching...
  9. Water63

    WTB: S&W M&P22 Mags

    Looking for a couple used magazines for a S&W M&P22. Found a couple Thanks .
  10. Water63

    WTB: 1100 20ga cantilever barrel

    Looking for a 20ga cantilever fully rifled barrel for a remington 1100 youth model not interested in a smoothbore or barrel with rifle sights.
  11. Water63

    Lafayette Gun show

    I always looked forward to going to this show as it is only a 30 minute drive from home. The last time I went Bob Rohrman had his tent sale going and parking was tight but today when we got there at 9:30 there was no parking and I mean NONE!!! The sales people from Rohrman's were everywhere and...
  12. Water63

    Cheaper than dirt has hit a new low

    Cheaper than has 22 ammo in stock 1 box of 100 CCI mini mags $59.59 Colt 40 gr LRN $1,459.59 for 5000 what more can I say I will never order from them again. Cheaper Than Dirt - America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter
  13. Water63

    How would you answer these questions

    I was teaching a Hunter Education class and the first question was asked by a young man about 10 years old. Bear in mind when you answer this that you have several other kids in the room and and several parents. Why can't we find any 22 shells? I got a 22 rifle for Christmas and can't even...
  14. Water63

    Father from Con

    This guy is spot on!!
  15. Water63

    WTT: Hodgdon International

    SPFI have at least 3.5 lbs of a 4lb of Hodgdon International that I would like to trade for Win 231 , H110 ,Win 748, Universal, Small pistol Primers , Small Rifle Primers, Cast bullets in 40 cal, 44 cal 240 TXP HP, Prefer FTF around the Crawfordsville area. PM me if you have something you want...
  16. Water63

    Help educate people

    It has been brought up by my wife that we sit around here and complain about what is happening. I think she may be right. I am a hunter ed instructor so I have some contact with people that aren't always gun owners. They take their kids to learn "gun safety". I bring this up from time to time...
  17. Water63


    Anybody dealt with Doing a search here it seems a few have but alot of bad press online about them. Thinking of ordering a upper from them just looking for info on them good bad and the ugly.
  18. Water63

    Forced evacuation

    I have been thinking about what happened in the explosion on the South side of Indy. They forced a evacuation of that area and basically shut it off. I live in a rural area but have not really thought about if I was forced out by authorities. Do you have a plan outside of a bugout bag. I would...
  19. Water63

    Question on Lifetime LTCH

    OK so i will ask this because on my short searches I have not found the answer. I was told by someone that the lifetime LTCH was going away and as a matter of fact this September. He claims this was told to him by a person that just went through getting a LTCH. They were told by the local law...
  20. Water63

    55 grain Midway Dogtown sp bullets

    I just picked up some of these for a inexpensive load for my AR 1-9 twist. Anyone loaded these? Looking for Win 748 or H335 loads so I can run them through the Dillon. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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