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  1. 40calPUNISHER

    WTS: Spikes Tactical upper receiver SPF!

    SPF! Brand new, complete upper receiver. PM me if interested. $115 FTF Brownsburg $125 Shipped
  2. 40calPUNISHER

    WTS: Sold - Aero 308 BGC

    Final price drop
  3. 40calPUNISHER

    WTS: Sold - Aero 308 BGC

    New in box, Aero Precision M5 308 bolt carrier group in nickel boron. $240 $220 $200 ftf/$250 $230 $210 shipped. Located in Brownsburg. PM me if interested.
  4. 40calPUNISHER

    WTS: Sold! AERO M5 upper/lower

    Selling a virgin blem receiver set, build pistol or rifle. Sticker included! $250 ftf Brownsburg. PM me!
  5. 40calPUNISHER

    AK 47 Show and Tell

    Finally got one!
  6. 40calPUNISHER

    WTS: SOLD - Aero M5 receiver set

    Selling a virgin receiver set, build pistol or rifle. Sticker included! $300 ftf Brownsburg. PM me!
  7. 40calPUNISHER

    Who knows TheUziButton?

    Found him, search is over!
  8. 40calPUNISHER

    WTB: Trijicon TA31-D green chevron

    Specifically the TA31-D-100290. Message me if you've got one! Im in Brownsburg, im willing to travel or pay shipping.
  9. 40calPUNISHER

    WTS: Vortex, Primary Arms, Ruger

    First up is a like new gen2 Primary Arms micro red dot. $75 shipped. Sold Second is a used Vortex Sparc II - $100 shipped Sold Lastly is a used factory Ruger 10/22 matte SS barrel w/ Wilson fire sights - $75 shipped Located in Brownsburg, will knock $5 off if picked up locally. Message me!
  10. 40calPUNISHER

    WTS/WTT: Trijicon RMR

    RM05 9 moa AMBER dot. Only taken to the range a couple times. No mount. Trade for RM08 (rmr 12.9 GREEN or AMBER triangle) or $350 cash/paypal(trade only). Located in Brownsburg, message me!
  11. 40calPUNISHER

    WTS: Magpul, Surefire, Haley Strategic, ar15 barrel

    Magpul afg2 used - $20 sold Surefire M951 used - $80 sold Haley thorntail2 new - $45 sold M4 SS 1:9 223 wylde 16" barrel used - $50 sold Located in Brownsburg. PM me! Bullet table not included.
  12. 40calPUNISHER

    WTS: Strike Industries LINK Curved foregrip and YHM charging handle latch

    SPF! I filed the front nub off to make it fit my handguard, it worked but its just not for me. $25 ftf Brownsburg Lightly used. $10 ftf Brownsburg. Message me
  13. 40calPUNISHER

    WTS: Aero Precision Atlas 12" handguard fde m-lok

    SPF!!! Like new, mounted for mock up and immediately removed. Comes with all necessary hardware. $140 ftf Brownsburg.
  14. 40calPUNISHER

    WTB: Magpul SL-S stock in Black

    Message me if you have one. Thanks!
  15. 40calPUNISHER

    WTB: S&W shield ez 380 no thumb safety

    Message me know if you've got one. Im located in Brownsburg and will travel.
  16. 40calPUNISHER

    The AR15 lower is not a firearm...
  17. 40calPUNISHER

    Wolf 69gr 5.45x39

    What can you tell me about it? There's not much info or reviews online and Wolfs website doesn't even list it. Pros/cons of a 69gr bullet?
  18. 40calPUNISHER

    Help id scope

    It looks like an old pso but I've not seen that retical before. Any additional information would be awesome.
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