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  1. J

    SNR Guns - Plainfield

    They are holding one for me too. I'm just hoping they reopen...
  2. J

    Anyone here work for Lowes?

    Relationship close or distance? My neighbor works for Lowes.
  3. J

    If you could only have one knife what would it be ?

    This has been my favorite lately. I’d either go with this or the larger 940.
  4. J

    **Get Your Ammo Here----2nd Edition**

    Weird...I saw 556 earlier. Tried to order and the site kept crashing. Now I can't find it.
  5. J

    **Get Your Ammo Here----2nd Edition** 10% off with code FMJ
  6. J

    Indy 1500: 15-17 October 2021

    Oh…your user name. I saw this gentleman at the local Wally World the other day. Long hair, carrying 3 glocks. I thought maybe he was well known and that was his nickname. Hahaha
  7. J

    Indy 1500: 15-17 October 2021

    Would this happen to be a long haired gentleman carrying at least 3 glocks?
  8. J

    The "Sig"ness- vol 1.

    This was my thought as well when I decided on the 365x.
  9. J

    The "Sig"ness- vol 1.

    P365X. My only Sig but I’m a fan. Carry it every day.
  10. J

    WTB: Remington 12 ga Sabot slugs

    Asking for family. They are in the Martinsville area. Only looking for Remington.
  11. J

    AR PCC vs Scorpion, etc

    I have an 8.5” FX9 by Freedom Ordnance and I love it. Also, they’re an Indiana company so that’s a plus for me.
  12. J

    Sportsman’s Warehouse Indianapolis Southside to open.

    looking forward to checking it out as well
  13. J

    WTS/WTT: Ruger AR-556 Take-offs and Magpul MOE-SL AR Furniture

    I purchased an AR last summer and all of this was included except the a2 grip. I don't think the Ruger pieces were ever used during shooting but the stock has been attacked by something. The Magpul handguard and stock are a light sand color while the pistol grip is slightly darker. The Magpul...
  14. J

    **Get Your Ammo Here----2nd Edition**

    I found some today too in Plainfield. They would only let me buy 3 boxes though...
  15. J

    What gun stuff did you buy today?

    Picked up some 12 gauge target ammo. And some .22 lr and a couple storage boxes.
  16. J

    **Get Your Ammo Here----2nd Edition**

    Same with camby…unless you want 28 gauge.
  17. J

    What is your most unusual or rare guns?

    Im guessing error. It belonged to my uncle who passed when he was a teenager. Recently found it at my grandparents so don't have much background on it.
  18. J

    What is your most unusual or rare guns?

    Ithaca m-49 .22lr single shot. Nothing rare I’d say but weird/unusual with the off-center bore.
  19. J

    NFA Timelines Thread

    1. NFA Item: Dead Air Mask HD 2. Form Type: Form 4 3. Transferee Type: Individual 4. Ordered: 07/17/2021 5. Check Cashed: 08/19/2021 6. Approved Date: 7. Tax Stamp Received:
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