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    Fellas, I need some boots...

    I also have Vasque hiking boots, I believe they are the breeze II model. Best boots I've ever had. Bought them at REI in Castleton, under $200, maybe three years ago. They are sturdy enough for rough terrain with lots of grip for slippery surfaces, yet very comfortable. However, I don't think...
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    Anyone know any sources for getting free/discounted pharmaceuticals?

    Snapdragon, I was reading through my 2022 prescription drug plan documents, and it mentions HoosierRx, which is Indiana's pharmaceutical assistance program. Looks like you reach them through the SHIP program 800-452-4800.
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    Lease issue

    Talk to him. Maybe he'll be willing to work out a compromise since it was after the 45-day agreement, maybe stay at current rate for a month or more, then go up to the new rate.
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    Doing your own repairs

    Been a DIY guy most of my life, but there is a down side; I had to build a two-car detached garage to store all the specialty tools I've bought over the last 45 years, some of which I only used once.
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    It's persimmon season!

    My niece made persimmon brandy about ten years ago and had a bottle handy once when we visited. Man, that was delicious. Don't know if she still does that, but I could sure go for some more.
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    Anyone know any sources for getting free/discounted pharmaceuticals?

    That's a bummer. I don't know if they do this but maybe contact Samaritan Caregivers in your area and tell them your situation. Also talk to SHIP: These may not have funds to help you, but might have suggestion of places that might help.
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    Anyone know any sources for getting free/discounted pharmaceuticals?

    I'm on Medicare part d and was taking a medication that cost a lot more than that. Just recently had my last dose. Hit the catastrophic coverage level the first month I was on the medication. The first month would have cost me about $3000, and about $750 per month after that. My oncology dept...
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    Walking Stick

    Magyars, nice toenails! ;)
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    Still waiting on your tax refund?

    So at first I didn't notice, but the amount deposited by the IRS was a little higher than my tax return amount. Got a letter from them today - they paid me $10.58 in interest! But, minus one woot because it says I need to report the interest as taxable income for 2021.
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    There is No Good Pizza in Indiana Outside of the Region

    Try their original barbecue pizza
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    There is No Good Pizza in Indiana Outside of the Region

    I've had just the opposite experience. Got a pizza king pepperoni recently and wondered if I ordered a cheese by mistake, since there was hardly any pepperoni on it. This has happened to me many times over the years. Always been happy with the amount of pepperoni Arni's puts on their pizza.
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    There is No Good Pizza in Indiana Outside of the Region

    I think, for a lot of people, what you consider a good pizza is greatly influenced by what you grew up with. For me, it was Bruno's in West Lafayette and Arni's in Lafayette. My first experience of a pizza was at Bruno's in the early/mid '60s. My wife and I still consider those two the best. I...
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    There is No Good Pizza in Indiana Outside of the Region

    Tried that once, very disappointed.
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    Still waiting on your tax refund?

    Woot! Woot! Finally got fed refund!
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    DIY hard shell deer ground blind

    Just hope someone doesn't mistake it for the real thing and leave you a present. And to try a be helpful, maybe a couple old pallets and some camo tarp?
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    WTB: WTB Gun Safe / Cabinet

    If you can wait for black Friday, RK usually has great prices on their “cabinets“.
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    Phillips CPAP recall

    They told me since my machine is so old, they had no plans to replace it. Said Medicare and my supplement should help with the cost of a replacement. Also said I needed to order my own inline filters. It was $13 for three, which would cover about nine months.
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    Colonoscopy. They're no joke.

    Colon cancer history on my father's side, so I get the deal every three years. Done it often enough it seems like no big deal. I'd rather get that than go to the dentist! The dulcolax/miralax/gaterade mix works well for me.
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    First time truck owner, have a question.

    I have one just about like it. Don't forget the front end rebuild every five years, and the rust above the rear wheel well and below the doors. Wish there was a vaccine for rust:crying:
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    Treating knotty pine T&G

    Really nice. That is similar to what the wife wants, but a little bit darker. Maybe about halfway between that and what ancjr shows in his pic. Room is windows on three sides, so doesn't have to be extra light colored.
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