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    Gave my daughter away

    Walked both of my girls down the aisle. Thankfully both were outside and I kept my sunglasses on. Dang dust. Congratulations. Grandkids, they are the next best thing coming!
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    OK, put on your tin foil hats.

    I know that feeling!! I shot a grease gun with a 12 gauge 00 buck once. Went to town to buy a new one, parts guy asked why I needed another one, told him the last new one wouldn't pump grease out of the hose. He said, "bring it in", I told him, "already shot it and put it out of my misery"...
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    PR guy with a sense of humor

    I was originally under the assumption she was grinding on him while he was seated. In the video pictured, she looks disinterested and he looks like a dog humping anything he can get his paws on.
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    Anyone else dealing with Covid?

    Have read from others that have had it, don't lay down a lot. Your lazy boy chair is your friend. Sitting keeps the lungs from filling up.
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    Southwest Airlines having issues?

    They don't MAKE you or they don't LET you?
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    "Refugee" shenanigans at Attabury

    I do not know factually where the boundaries are, was going off of what I was told as a high school student and then as a young ag teacher. If you are correct, please accept my apologies. I guess my intent of the message was, I would not place young kids that near epicenter of unknowns. I...
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    Video of car chase then shoot out in Wisconsin. Be careful out there

    Problem with using your personal gun is you could be hung out to dry in court. When with the Sheriff's Posse, we only carried on duty the guns we qualified with. Wanted to carry a nickel plated Colt in a parade, had to have qualified with it to carry it. I liked the contrast of my stainless...
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    Go Fund Me for DoggyMama's Daughter

    Prayers being sent. Horrible news. So sorry, prayers and sympathy being sent.
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    Youth hunt last weekend

    Thank you BiscuitsandGravy!
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    Youth hunt last weekend

    We (all of us) are making memories with them being in the field! She had been practicing all summer using a crossbow. But she wants to shoot a ram at Ted Nugent's farm in Michigan. So her dad told her she needed to use the 300 blackout and if she got a deer she could go try to shoot a ram...
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    Youth hunt last weekend

    Thanks. You can tell I am a pretty proud grandpa. Yes, her mom and dad are hunting/fishing/outdoor enthusiasts for sure. Audrey from the time she could walk has spring mushroom hunted and shed hunted. Boy doesn't it! I do love that picture. In fact it is one I am framing for my office.
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    Youth hunt last weekend

    Meet my youngest granddaughter who by the way is a first grader this year. She used a 300 blackout. First of many. Wife and I were on call for tracking duty, I got to video mamaw and her tracking and finding the doe.
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    Guns are public health threat

    Let's go a little further back: it started when you couldn't smoke in a grocery store. it started when you couldn't smoke in a public building. it started when you couldn't drive until you had a license. it started when the price of ladders quadrupled due to safety litigations. it started...
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    Wild pig or domestic?

    " Wild pigs are +/- 35 miles south of us. Not sure I've ever heard of them reported north of Bloomington? I was told that it only takes a few weeks in the wild for even domestic pigs to start growing tusks? What do we think?" I think the first sentence is now wrong. You have proof of them...
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    What criminal charges could be made in this situation?

    "I don't think you can get up to more serious charges, involuntary manslaughter is pretty much the ceiling before you start needing either direct violence (voluntary manslaughter) or malice aforethought (murder). " Except if they are a YouTube and said on the camera, watch this person fly...
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    "Refugee" shenanigans at Attabury

    The Indiana FFA camp shares a boundary with Camp Attabury. I emailed a secretary at the FFA camp and asked how it was there. She was clueless. So I was more specific concerning the population of people at Camp Attabury, she has not responded again. I will not take students there at this...
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    You Didn't Build That

    Small businesses, beginning farmers. Wouldn't it be nice to not have taxes? For a minimum of 7 years? Oh and at the end of the 7 years, sell it to someone in the family and have them come to the USA. We are being taken advantage of, raped and robbed by our elected officials. I am so done...
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    Denver Police has no shortage of Ammo

    In another post this is the type of behavior I was complaining about. Told to do something and arrogant people get away with running, hurting other people in their retreat, well this guy learned not to be a braggart and threaten people. A little more justice like this would lessen the jail and...
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    "Refugee" shenanigans at Attabury

    KG1, sorry, late night and took your comment the wrong way. Do I know Trump personally, no. I am sure he is an egomaniac. BUT, he stood up for our country and made the world know we were a country not to trifle with. He removed us from participation in organizations that were being funded...
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