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    WTS: Remington 700 Mountain Rifle, 280 cal

    Remington 700 Mountain Rifle, 280 cal, Bell & Carlson synthetic stock with full length alum bedding block, Trigger-Tec trigger, Vortex 3-9-40 Scope, Talley mounts. Just in tome for deer season. Asking $1050.00 , willing to drive about an hour from Pennville. thanks
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    WTS: 7 x 57 reloading Supplies

    200 Pieces WW new brass cases 140 pieces Used brass cases RP & Norma 250 139gr spitzer bullets 100 150gr BT bullets 50 140gr spitzer bullets Pacific FL Die set Lee Collett Die set Would like to sell as a package deal, near Pennville, if I ship it's on your dime, asking $250...
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    WTS: Two metal locking gun cabinets SOLD

    I have two metal locking gun cabinets, have been used to store powder and ammo, have keys for both, some scratches but in good condition. Sizes are 13 x 17 x 54 and 10 x 21x 54. $100. for both within half hour of Pennville. SOLD
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    WTS: Winchester SX2, Synthetic Stock

    3 1/2" chamber, 28" barrel, very good condition. Shoots 1oz dove loads to the heaviest goose loads. Three factory choke tubes and one extended tube included. Due to my age I just have not used it in a few years. Asking $625.00 for the shotgun, I have a case of Kent 3" Steel BB loads I will sell...
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    Large Gun Auction

    There is going to be a large gun auction (300 +) in Evansville on Dec. 9 starting at 9am. There are some very nice items on the list. Many were 'safe queens'. Some NFA and some class III. The list can be found on the auctionners web site. Sohn and assoc. are the auctionners.
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    WTB: S & W 642

    Looking for a S&W 642 , or something close to that, prefer good condition, Somewhere between Muncie to Auburn. Let me know what you have. thanks, Mike Trible 765 661 5685 or PM me
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    357 maximum

    Anybody on here loading the '357 maximum' for a use in a rifle? I picked up a 20" 'MGM' max barrel for my Encore, trying to find some suggestions for loading 180gr and 200 gr bullets. thanks
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    WTB: S & W 3913

    Looking for a S & W 3913 . mike trible , cell# 765 661 5685 thanks Found one, thanks, close thread.
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    WTS: Traditions 50cal muzzleloader

    I have a TRADITIONS 'THUNDERBOLT' 50 cal inline muzzleloader, uses 209 primers. No scope, has open sights and is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Camo synthetic stock, approx. 85% condition. Have cell phone pictures that I can send. $100.00, and willing to meet within 50 miles of...
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    WTS: JOHN DEERE Riding Mower

    2005 JOHN DEERE lawn tractor type riding mower. 48" cut, 22 horse, 430 hours, has bagger, still in good shape. They list online at $700. to $1300. I am asking $750. I will take firearms in trade if you have an item that strikes my fancy, I'm just not sure what that would be, as I...
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    WTS: 222 Rem. Mag. dies

    Lyman All-American 2 die set in 222 Rem. Mag. cal. in very good condition. $20.00. Mike T. cell # 765 661 5685
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    WTS: Lyman Turbo 1200 case tumbler

    LYMAN TURBO 1200 case tumbler, in very good condition. $50.00 plus you pay shipping. Mike T. cell # 765 661 5685
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    WTS: 270 Win. cal.

    I would like to sell as one lot without breaking up, all in 270 win. cal. Lee 2-die set, neck sizing collet die & bullet seating die, 300 Sierra 150gr. spitzer boat tail bullets, 100 Sierra 150 gr. r.n. bullets, 75 Nosler 130gr. sp. bt. bullets, 100 new R-P unprimed cases, 250...
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    I quit reloading shotshells a few years ago. I have one unopened 25lb bag of Lawrence brand chilled lead shot size 7 1/2, plus another 20 lbs of 7 1/2, and about 50 lbs of various sizes in separate containers. I have 1000 12ga Windjammer wads, plus some other misc. wads. Due to the weight...
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