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  1. AmericanBob

    Is it too early to talk about deer rifles?

    Most of my deer season this year will be archery. For the little bit of rifle that I'll get to enjoy I'll be toting my K. She's just too pretty to not take into the woods.
  2. AmericanBob

    Suppressed AR-308

    OK, so I put the BRT tube in it and made a quick trip over to the range this afternoon. I fed it 60 rounds with the suppressor on and then 20 with it off. She never missed a beat. It does still seem a bit gassy suppressed, but that isn't a surprise. With the can off the cases tumbled out...
  3. AmericanBob

    What gun stuff did you buy today?

    Ordered up a Magpul bottom metal kit for my bolt banger.
  4. AmericanBob

    Suppressed AR-308

    So, I ended up ordering a BRT gas tube as well. I figured I'd try that first since changing the gas block is going to be a pita. And if this doesn't work, I still have the JP clamp on adjustable block I ordered. If it does work, great and then all I need is a creedmoor barrel and I'll have...
  5. AmericanBob


    I found two of my ducks shredded yesterday. I'm not sure what did it, but assuming a coon. Trap and camera are going up tonight.
  6. AmericanBob

    Suppressed AR-308

    Current buffer set up is an Armaspec silent capture buffer. I just ordered up a JP enterprises 2 piece adjustable gas block so I going to try that first.
  7. AmericanBob

    Suppressed AR-308

    Interesting, never heard of such a thing. Do you have a link?
  8. AmericanBob

    Suppressed AR-308

    I don't think it's short stroking because it will run fine after I take the suppressor off and it will lock back on an empty mag with or without the suppressor.
  9. AmericanBob

    Suppressed AR-308

    I would say yes, at least 95 percent of the time it will be suppressed. I'm running a YHM resonator.
  10. AmericanBob

    Suppressed AR-308

    Just took my first shots out of my 308 AR. This is my first venture into the large framed AR platform so excuse the inexperience. This is a factory Aero upper and lower, Aero 16 inch barrel, mid length gas system, standard Aero gas block, Magpul UBR stock so tube length is 7.75", KAK bcg...
  11. AmericanBob

    Almost, Abbey is 16 and just finishing the permit process, the boys are 14 and 13. The house...

    Almost, Abbey is 16 and just finishing the permit process, the boys are 14 and 13. The house is just wild!
  12. AmericanBob

    Yes sir! Real well! How are you and all your ladies doing?

    Yes sir! Real well! How are you and all your ladies doing?
  13. AmericanBob

    WTS/WTT: Hakim

    Long live the Thunder Beast!
  14. AmericanBob

    WTS/WTT: Hakim

    I'm mainly looking to trade for a German K98k with intact waffenamts and non duffel cut. This is a good looking Hakim. It comes with a spare magazine, take down manual, gas valve adjustment keys, and some new factory ammo. Cash price would be $1200.
  15. AmericanBob

    WTS: 9mm

    I have 450 rounds of mixed 9mm up for sale. 7 boxes of Federal, 1 box of Armscor, 1 box of PMC Bronze. As an added bonus, 20 rounds of 9mm shot shell! The boxes are worn looking but the ammo is prestine factory ammo. $300 takes it all.
  16. AmericanBob

    ATN Thermal Scopes

    I'm one of the guys ROSCOTT is talking about. Our group is running 4 of the R 35's. They aren't the super high end scopes with built in rangefinders, but they work very well and have proven effective on yotes.
  17. AmericanBob

    WTS: 9mm

    3 spoken for, 5 left
  18. AmericanBob

    WTS: 45 acp.

    SPF I have 5 boxes of Winchester 45acp up for sale. $250
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