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  1. shootersix

    The my choice is the Only choice for Daily carry.

    That’s a debate that’s been going on since the first caveman carved a stick into a pointed stick!
  2. shootersix

    IMPD releases video of OIS at gas station on 8/2/21

    To calm everyone down, let me say this! It’s either a p93 or p94 You can tell by the frame and slide, the fact that it’s a straight taper indicate that, the p85/89 have a frame that narrows down in the frame (like the 1911) the frame is metal so it’s not a p95 (they have a polymer frame), I’m...
  3. shootersix

    The "Sig"ness- vol 1.

    You forgot to mention, 230,232,239,225,226…come to think of it…you forgot all the “p series” except the 220!
  4. shootersix

    The Funny Pic Thread pt 11 "Si vis pacem, para bellum"

    I’d like to order a mcgangbang please, and hold the wieners!
  5. shootersix

    The Funny Pic Thread pt 11 "Si vis pacem, para bellum"

    But does it go to 11???
  6. shootersix

    There is No Good Pizza in Indiana Outside of the Region

    Pineapple go’s on upside down cakes, fruity drinks and spongebobs house…not pizza! the person who thought of that deserves to have a pineapple shoved up his ass every day for all of eternity! (Think of hitler in the Adam Sandler movie Little Nicky)
  7. shootersix

    There is No Good Pizza in Indiana Outside of the Region

    I live way down in southern Indiana, you could say I live in northwest Kentucky! And I can honestly say we have no pizza here! well no good pizza anyway! You lucky hoity toity b@$7ards in Indy actually get “Chicago” pizza! All I get here in Evansville is spaghetti sauce on a cracker with...
  8. shootersix

    RIP Dad

    Sorry for your loss Nick, praying for peace for you and your family, I miss my dad more than anything! But if I can give you a piece of advice, forget the bad times, cherish the good times!
  9. shootersix

    Picked up a '00 vintage Sig P228 at the local fun shop today. Deals can still be found...

    Not bad at all for a German triple serial number gun!
  10. shootersix

    Nighthawk 2022!!!

  11. shootersix

    CZ/Colt update

    Oh yeah I know about that…now maybe they’re actually going to make them instead of saying “coming soon!”
  12. shootersix

    CZ/Colt update

    CZ just a question…do you want to go bankrupt???…cause that’s how you go bankrupt!!!
  13. shootersix

    CZ/Colt update

    Can you imagine the possibilities??? just imagine a 9mm double stack Cz 75 frame…with a 1911 style slide and barrel!!! that would be awesome!!!
  14. shootersix

    Bomb Threat at Guy Relford’s Law Office

    it was me…and it wasn’t a bomb threat, what I said was…”I’m fixing to blow up the bathroom!”
  15. shootersix

    some handmade fixed blades

    It looks like…”they will keel!”
  16. shootersix

    Nighthawk 2022!!!

    To the few ingo members who drove all the way to Newburgh to shoot the 1st nighthawk custom regional match…guess what?!?!? Saturday August 6th 2022 is the date for next years match! and guess what?!?!?…a certain gun manufacturer has agreed to donate another pistol to give away! I’ll either...
  17. shootersix

    Help needed....Freedom Ordnance FX-9

    Yep there is meth too!
  18. shootersix

    Help needed....Freedom Ordnance FX-9

    Well actually there’s more to this story! They started out as alliance armament, converting siaga shotguns from imported “sports” models to ak47 style shotguns including making full auto! They made 25 and 30 round drums! Alliance also made 50 round drums for walter p22’s and slow fire upper...
  19. shootersix

    Help needed....Freedom Ordnance FX-9

    So first things first, what ammo? Hopefully it wasn’t aluminum case! I’ve talked to one of the owners of freedom, and he said “no aluminum, when I asked why is it not reliable or will it boom…he said “it’ll boom”. Your manual should have had an insert with ammo recommendations (ammo they’ve...
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