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    WTS: Remington 700 Mountain Rifle, 280 cal

    Remington 700 Mountain Rifle, 280 cal, Bell & Carlson synthetic stock with full length alum bedding block, Trigger-Tec trigger, Vortex 3-9-40 Scope, Talley mounts. Just in tome for deer season. Asking $1050.00 , willing to drive about an hour from Pennville. thanks
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    WTS: 7 x 57 reloading Supplies

    200 Pieces WW new brass cases 140 pieces Used brass cases RP & Norma 250 139gr spitzer bullets 100 150gr BT bullets 50 140gr spitzer bullets Pacific FL Die set Lee Collett Die set Would like to sell as a package deal, near Pennville, if I ship it's on your dime, asking $250...
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    7x57 Extinct?

    I just posted some 7x57 reloading supplies in the classified.
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    Anyone have a 3 point core aerator?

    Check with your County Agent, a lot of counties have seed drills that they rent out. I have rented a drill before from Jay Co. and I have heard that Blackford Co. has one also. It has been a couple of years but I think I only paid like $125.00 to plant 15 acre pasture.
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    WTS: Two metal locking gun cabinets SOLD

    I have two metal locking gun cabinets, have been used to store powder and ammo, have keys for both, some scratches but in good condition. Sizes are 13 x 17 x 54 and 10 x 21x 54. $100. for both within half hour of Pennville. SOLD
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    Ilegal Immigration

    More Democrat voters, and some might have been Democrat for the last few years.
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    Trap shooting and gun shops near Muncie

    I believe Farmland Conservation Club has Trap Shoots on Thur. evenings open to the public.
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    WTS: Winchester SX2, Synthetic Stock

    3 1/2" chamber, 28" barrel, very good condition. Shoots 1oz dove loads to the heaviest goose loads. Three factory choke tubes and one extended tube included. Due to my age I just have not used it in a few years. Asking $625.00 for the shotgun, I have a case of Kent 3" Steel BB loads I will sell...
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    First Fawn of 2021

    We have a couple of does around here that had twin fawns, but both are down to one each, each one has lost a fawn in the first few weeks.
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    revelation automatic shotgun need info and parts

    My guess is the shotgun was made by FRANCHI, Imported by UNIVERSAL Firearms , and sold by WESTERN AUTO. I agree with 'ndbbm' , the first I would look at is the FRANCHI 48.
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    S&W Md 65-5 .357 Mag with 3" barrel

    I'll take it, PM sent
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    If you are looking for quiet, try 22 CB caps long, they are as long as 22 long rifle loads, but the velocity is about 750 fps. They will feed just like 22LR, but are much slower and are pretty quiet.
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    President Biden

    Glad all went well with your shoulder,Phylo. But, I think your math on the 1.9 TRILLION is a little off. A Trillion is a MILLION MILLIONS. If you take 1.9 TRILLION, and divide by the population of the U.S. , which is 330 Million, that comes to $6 MILLION a piece. That is $6,000,000 for each...
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    AR-15 DPMS

    message sent
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    I need comfortable work boots

    Keens for me are the most comfortable.
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    22LR bolt guns - "best" bang for the buck

    Marlin 880SQ, aftermarket trigger, Eley subsonic ammo. Most accurate combination I have ever shot, any caliber.
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    BIG thumbs up fo the Folgers Black Silk.
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