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    Youth hunt last weekend

    Meet my youngest granddaughter who by the way is a first grader this year. She used a 300 blackout. First of many. Wife and I were on call for tracking duty, I got to video mamaw and her tracking and finding the doe.
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    Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield EZ 9mm 8rd 3.6" Pistol w/ Safety 12436, Good, bad and ugly about them?

    Seriously considering one of these. Had arm surgeries back in 2014 that required eventually a new artery from wrist to armpit. Could not rack a slide on my semi auto handguns. Went back to carrying revolvers. A different concern has me wanting to have more capacity so looked at a S&W M&P9...
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    Fort Wayne shooting 5/22/21

    Only read a headline. Supposedly in an apartment complex. Any other information available?
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    Russian roulette with a semi auto handgun

    Don't think it is the smartest thing to do with a revolver, but a loaded semi auto pistol really insures death to the participant. Here it is:
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    TNN News Raw: A Black Man's View

    *****LANGUAGE ALERT************ This man's view, concerning guns and behavior.
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    2020 Indiana State Fair Cancelled

    Read today, the Indiana State Fair has been cancelled. ?????????????????:xmad:
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    Anyone own a DP-12?

    I have not put together the cash needed to purchase a DP-12 (the double barrel pump tactical shotgun). But man do I want one! So thought I would ask if anyone on here had one and if so what their thoughts were on it. Or if you have had the chance to shoot one what you thought of its...
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    What is this?

    I took this off of another site I visit. Is it real? What is it? Would you shoot it?
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    How do you bowhunt????

    I don't bowhunt, but my daughter, son in law and many friends do. It runs the gamut of, recurve to compound, no sights, three pins pin sights, leather finger pads to mechanical release, quiver across back to mounted quiver. There are probably more choices I am not aware of, but just wondered...
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    coyote hunting time

    I like to hunt during the day. Less equipment and I use buddy stands that we have set up for deer hunting. Allows two of us to sit together, run the call and look for movement. Early morning, afternoon, early evening all have been productive for us.
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    Public Schools, complain away!!!!

    Okay, got your attention, here in a nutshell is some of the people, some of the situations that happen DAILY in a public school none of you rant about. Sure there is a lot wrong with public schools, but there is a lot more right about them! Watch this video and see if it doesn't touch your...
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    Hello from NW Indiana!

    Hello all and thanks JetGirl for posting the thread about Caleb in another forum. I followed your link and man, I didn't know Indiana gun owners had this awesome option!! Thanks again. I live and teach HS Ag shop in Northwestern Indiana. Husband of 27 years, father of two daughters, one got...
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