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  1. ghuns

    No bacon ... in Kommiefornia

    Farmers who raise livestock on a factory scale will soon go the way of those who produced things like chemicals and computer chips in the US. They will be bankrupted by tightening environmental regulations and be forced out of business. If they are big enough, they can move their operations to...
  2. ghuns

    2021 Official Gratuitous Grilling/BBQ/Cooking Thread

    Not with those RecTeqs. :D Each grill has two plugs for probes. I forgot to get the neighbor's probes, so I plugged one of mine in his grill. His grill, the 590, has very even heat. It vents out of 3 holes, spread out over the length of the grill, in the back, up towards the top. My 700 has...
  3. ghuns

    To mask or not to mask....That is the question. Part II

    Masking was so vital to slowing the spread of the dreaded Delta Variant that it could wait until day 2 of the festival. :whistle:
  4. ghuns

    To mask or not to mask....That is the question. Part II

    NYC is now requiring proof of vaccine for things like indoor dining and gyms. Many calling on the mayor to bring back previous restrictions. Based on what? This?... :dunno:
  5. ghuns

    2021 Official Gratuitous Grilling/BBQ/Cooking Thread

    I took each butt of the grill and placed it in a foil pan. Covered with a double layer of foil, wrapped it in a bath towel, and put them in coolers Saturday morning around 10. We took them to the party venue at 2 that afternoon. The venue had a large commercial kitchen with a big warmer that...
  6. ghuns

    To mask or not to mask....That is the question. Part II

    Yeah, that's about where I am. I was pretty tolerant of the mask bulls**t first time around. But after participating in the largest clinical trial in the history of mankind and being told I'm good to go, I'm gonna pass on the masks this time around.
  7. ghuns

    2021 Official Gratuitous Grilling/BBQ/Cooking Thread

    It was. Besides the pork we had 400 Jell-o shots and 7 cases of beer. :D
  8. ghuns

    2021 Official Gratuitous Grilling/BBQ/Cooking Thread

    9 butts on at 2:30 for a birthday party tomorrow... Sent from my moto g power using Tapatalk
  9. ghuns

    To mask or not to mask....That is the question. Part II

    Oh, it's scary stuff... Delta variant Covid symptoms ‘include headaches, sore throat and runny nose’ Death by 'sniffles'.:coffee:
  10. ghuns

    Earthquake recorded off Alaska; An 8.2 magnitude earthquake.

    Wonder if the fishes and whales even noticed.
  11. ghuns

    Mike Flynn's Open Letter To America

    Good ole General Flynn. The guy who was asked at a QAnon conspiracy theory rally if the US should have a Myanmar style, military led coup and responded in the affirmative. Stellar guy. Top notch. :rolleyes:
  12. ghuns

    RIP Dusty Hill

    They played the Elkhart Co Fair over the weekend without Dusty. If you are a fan, this is a must watch... ZZ TOP: THAT LITTLE OL' BAND FROM TEXAS
  13. ghuns

    Beer Virus V

    Could help persuade some...
  14. ghuns

    Worse Birthday present in human history.

    That dude's 80?:n00b: Wow. Black really doesn't crack.:D
  15. ghuns

    Russia unveils new 'Checkmate' stealth fighter jet at air show

    As someone who has drawn a thing or two on a drafting board as well as with CAD, let me just say, F**K NO!!!!!!!!!!
  16. ghuns

    Good People doing Good Things.......

    So the wifey and me were high school sweethearts. Our 30 year class reunion is coming up next month and there's a FaceBook group set up for it. Yesterday morning, someone shared a post from another local FaceBook group. This kid was cleaning out an old truck he bought and found a class of '91...
  17. ghuns

    Armadillos in Terre Haute?

    Maybe we'll see them make an appearance in the 2025 or 2026 edition of the Official Gratuitous Grilling/BBQ/Cooking Thread. :D
  18. ghuns

    Armadillos in Terre Haute?

    Or, possum in it's own pot. :D
  19. ghuns

    Black National Anthem

    I'm sure those who fought for civil right in the 50 and 60s would be so proud of those black people today demanding a return to "separate but equal". :coffee:
  20. ghuns

    The Funny Pic Thread pt 11 "Si vis pacem, para bellum"

    Looks like a Pink Floyd song. :rolleyes:
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