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  1. mike4sigs


    FOR SALE FOR THE P6/225 1-Safariland Model # 6378-79 (SOLD ) and 1 Bladetech Kydex ASKING $28 each FOR THE 229 1 -Safariland model # 6378-74 ASKING $28 i will ship on your dime @ $5 for single for multiples $10 if they go in same package (in The State of Indiana) prefer FTF around Geneva but...
  2. mike4sigs


    FOR SALE/MAYBE TRADE (WITHDRAWN) 100 rnds of Blaser Brass 165 gr. FMJ $23 per 50 ( SOLD ) 50 rnds of Speer Lawman 165 TMJ $23 I prefer to stay close to Geneva. but we can discuss option for Meet up I will ship on your dime Actual cost to be Determined CASH for FTF and check or USPS money order...
  3. mike4sigs

    ?? Anyone Else having trouble with Gun Broker Searches?

    I have tried to search several different items Last night and this Morning And i keep getting nothing found Statement please use advance search?
  4. mike4sigs

    First Fawn of 2021

    This is the first time we have seen the Fawn
  5. mike4sigs

    WTS/WTT: WITHDRAWN Winchester 410 #6 shot super speed

    Looking to trade more than Sale Winchester 410 super speed 6 shot Wanting to trade for 4 Boxes of 20 gauge prefer Winchester target loads but will consider other 20 gauge shot shells cash price is $ 35 for the 2 boxes in Berne/Geneva Area
  6. mike4sigs

    WTS: Holsters that fit a Sig 226/229 and A S&W J frame

    The following holsters are for sale. SOLD First up is Don Hume JIT slide For Sig Sauer P229,P226 and P228 Asking $18 FTF $23 shipped (on the right side of pic) Next is a CQC inside the pants holster for a S&W J frame My SP101 fit in it fine Asking $18 FTF $23 Shipped SOLD
  7. mike4sigs

    WTS: Ten 1 0unce rounds of Silver .

    For Sale / MAYBE trade 10 1 ounce Silver , SOLD asking $300 FTF Berne/ Geneva Area $310 Shipped Sorry i do not Do Electronic payments ! Money order is prefered bot i will take a Check i will probably hold a check for a couple of days SOLD
  8. mike4sigs


    For sale a used but not abused Ruger LCP mag (380) SOLD it has not been stored loaded. ASKING $19 Shipped $15 For FTF in the Geneva Area Sorry i Only Accept Check or Postal Money Order for Shipped items SOLD
  9. mike4sigs

    WTS: Smith And Wesson Model 637-2 (38 special +p)

    For Sale / MAYBE trade and Smith And Wesson Model 637-2 ( 38 special +p) sold it is nice in the original Box. It will come with all the Factory Goodies , And Both Sets (Factory original and a set of Houge's ) of grips in the picture also an HKS speed loader and 2 Bianchi Speed Strips I am ASKING...
  10. mike4sigs

    WTS/WTT: Ruger Mini 14 Ranch

    For Sale/MAYBE trade WITHDRAWN A Ruger Mini 14 (Manufacture date is 1995) Wearing An ATI Tactical folder Stock and will come with The Original Wood stock ,Also Will come With of course the Factory 10 round mag , Along with 3- 20 rnd,2-30 rnd, and 5-40 rnd Mags ,the Scope on it is included...
  11. mike4sigs

    WTS/WTT: 15 rounds Federal Power Shok OO Buck (12 Gauge) Withdrawn

    For Sale Maybe Trade 1 Box of 15 rounds Federal Power Shok 00 Buck $20 to be picked up in the Geneva Area might trade for some 9mm ,20 gauge or CCI mini mags
  12. mike4sigs

    WTS: Colt Mustang Pocketlite (380)

    For Sale/MAYBE Trade A Colt Mustang Pocketlite Nickel/Stainless Finish ,It will come in Original #'s matching Case And paperwork and 2 factory mags ,I bought it as unfired and i have not fired, According to Colt's Serial # look up it was Manufactured in 2013 i am ASKING $725 in Berne /Geneva...
  13. mike4sigs

    2 - M&P 15/22 mags

    For Sale 2 M&P 15 22 mags SOLD 1 is a Plinker Tactical 35 round and 1 is a Smith And Wesson 25 round ASKING $25 for both picked up local to me (Geneva/Berne) i will ship on your $ prefer to sale but i would trade for Factory Ammo at pre Scare pricing ( 9 mm, 22 LR , 22Mag)
  14. mike4sigs

    WTS: 100 rnds of Armscor 380

    For Sale/MAYBE Trade SOLD 100 rounds of Armscor 95 Gr Full Metal Jacket 380 ASKING $50 in the Berne Geneva Area i will ship for Actual shipping on your dime Prefer Cash deal but would Entertain Trade For Factory 9mm, ( round for round) Please do NOT post in thread SOLD
  15. mike4sigs

    WTS: SIG SAUER 220 MAGS (45 acp)

    WITHDRAWN For Sale 2- 7 round Sig Sauer 220 mags , i bought these several years ago i have not used them not sure if they ever have been used ASKING $65 for FTF in The Geneva /Berne Area , i will ship on your dime please do not post in thread ,
  16. mike4sigs

    WTS: Smith And Wesson Model 642-1 Pre-lock (Withdrawn)

    I have A Smith And Wesson Model 642-1 (38 special +p ) It will come with orginal matching # Cardboard box and all the original stuff from Factory I am not The original owner but it has not been fired much WITHDRAWN
  17. mike4sigs

    When to Draw the line on buying local???

    I have been buying 1 ounce silver Christmas rounds and or bars with dates on them for several years Now . I usually buy them Local and Usually on Black Friday. and Tried to do it again this year. But OUCH $12 over Spot before Taxes W T Hey, Lady owner tells me that is what there Supplier did...
  18. mike4sigs

    WTB: Colt Mustang 380 Extended Mags

    Looking for two Colt Mustang Extended mags with finger extension
  19. mike4sigs

    New Range and gun store coming to Fort Wayne

    i was on Wanetv 15 Website looking for Highschool Football Scores and ran across this Article Sorry if it is a DUP. I think they are the Same people that own Midwest gun store Along...
  20. mike4sigs

    WTS: Once fired 308 Brass

    For Sale 157 rounds of once fired 308 Brass ​MOVED Breakdown as Follows 137 rounds of Federal Gold Medal and 20 rounds of Federal Fusion MOVED
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