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    WTB: Trailer

    Looking to buy a trailer. Prefer enclosed and 8'-0" wide, but wouldn't rule out a 7'-0" with a length of 14-16'. Would need a rear ramp door for lawn tractor and motorcycle loading. May also consider an open trailer is price is right. Can pay cash or may have firearms to trade if you would...
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    WTB: Smith revolvers

    Looking for model 34 (nickel preferred) or model 63 either with 4" barrels. Also looking for a model 60 with a 3" barrel. Would prefer a .357, but a .38 would not be a deal breaker. I have items to trade , or cash for your gun, whichever you prefer. contact by PM or text to (317) 649-0378...
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    WTB: Smith J frame revolvers

    Looking for a model 34 with 4¨barrel or model 63. Also looking for a model 60 with a 3¨barrel. Will pay cash or I have items we could barter on. Let me know what you´ve got.
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    WTB: PSA gf3

    Looking to buy or trade for a PSA gf3. Any color stock. I have cash, or various pieces to trade if you prefer. Any location as driving is not an issue.
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    WTB: Want to buy or trade for

    Looking for a Palmetto State Armory gf3 ak S&W 3¨model 65 and model 60 I have a stainless Walther PPKs and various others to trade or cash outright or a combination of the two.
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    WTB: S&W revolvers

    Looking for either J or K frame revolvers with 3 or 4 inch barrels. Something I can teach my daughter to shoot as well as possibly carry. Of particular interest would be models 10, 13, 19, 60, 64, 65, 66. Also interested in maybe a 34, or 63. Willing to make a cash purchase, or possible trade...
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    WTS: Walther PPKS

    Looking to sell Stainless PPKs, two mags, one with finger extension, in plastic factory case. Inside the waistband HH holster included. $550 obo. Located in Noblesville but working in Fort Wayne so able to meet anywhere in between as well as the Indy area.
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    WTB: Wife’s carry piece

    Looking for something for the wife who has just obtained her LTCH. She’s not happy with the Walther PPKS, so wants to go back to a wheel gun. Looking for .38/.357 either J or K frame size with 3-4” barrel. No preference Colt/S&W/Ruger, stainless, blue, or nickel. May trade the stainless PPKS if...
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    WTB: Reasonably priced trailer

    Looking for one of the following : Minimum 7’ x 14’ enclosed trailer with possible 8’ wide of various lengths certainly possible, or a 6’ x 10’ flatbed to be able to haul lawn tractor and or motorcycles. Would like a ramp door, but double back doors with a ramp is also a possibility. Willing to...
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    Great Day Saturday

    I had a great day on Saturday and thought I would share with those from central Indiana who may need something to do on a Saturday. My wife and daughter were heading out to get their hair done, so I packed up and took a 130 mile one way trip down to stop in at Falls City Firearms in...
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    WTB: Walther PPK/PPKs

    Looking for a stainless either PPK or PPKs and would prefer pre-S&W. Cash, or I could offer a Springfield Xd subcompact in .40 cal. Prefer somewhere close to central Indiana, but will travel for the right deal. Thanks, IndyHD
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    Silly little request for an Illinois friend

    Hey guys, The guy installing the scoreboard for me at the new Kokomo Municipal Stadium has a daughter in a contest who is trying to become the princess in the Edwardsville Parade. Her name is Camille Kunz and she is about 4 years old and really wanting to be the princess and ride on the float...
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    WTS: S&W model 60

    [/URL][/IMG]S&W model 60, 38 special, 3" barrel, Galco belt slide holster with retention strap, 2 Bianchi speed strips with 15 rounds of S&W 125 grain Nyclad hollow points. Gun is in great shape, just sits and never used. Live in Noblesville and working on the south side of Indy, so I could meet...
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    Free: Free Jeans

    I have 9 pairs of jeans that do not fit anymore and they are free to a good home. They are: 1 pr - 36 x 30 Lee flannel lined 1 pr - Lee 36 x 30 carpenter pants 1 pr - Levis 550 36 x 30 Black Like new 1 pr - Levis 517 36 x 32 Like new 5 pr - Levi 550 36 x 30 Send me a pm and tho...
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    Free: Indycar Tires

    My son had two Goodyear Eagle tires off of someone's Indy car. I have no idea who's car. I hate to throw them away, as they would make a nice stand for a coffee table or hung on the wall with a clock in the center in someone's mancave. So, if you are around the Indy area, are a 500 fan, and...
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    WTT: Remington Express 870

    Posting for a friend: I have a Remington 870 Express 12 gauge with a 26" removeable choke barrel and rifled slug barrel, fiber optic sights, and a Remington R3 recoil pad installed. I also have stock choke tubes as well as Carlson extended chokes for use with steel shot to go along with. Gun is...
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    Honda CT70 or ST90

    Wanting to buy or trade for a CT70 3 speed auto or ST90 in reasonable condition. I have a 1982 Hondamatic 450 project bike or a S&W 3904 for a partial trade if interested. PM if you have one or the other.
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    NE Indy/Hamilton County Breakfast - 2nd Saturday of every month

    Done deal. We are meeting each second Saturday of the month at the Golden Corral on the SE quadrant of Hwy 37 and Greenfield Pike (Hwy 238) in Nobleville. Breakfast will be at 9:00, and spouses and children are welcome. Smitty has set up a shoot after breakfast Dec. 11th at the Atlanta Cons...
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    NE Indy, Hamilton County Monthly Breakfast?

    There seems to be a pretty large group in the Fishers/Noblesville area. Is there any intrest in a monthly breakfast which could maybe also be a starting point for a range trip? Please respond with your preference on day and time if this is something you may be intrested in, and if we get a...
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