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    1. mike21

      Drying After Tumbling

      Spread out on the floor on a cheap Wal-Mart beach towel.
    2. mike21

      Reloading press for beginners

      Another vote for Dillon 550
    3. mike21

      Dillion vs Hornady

      Drink the blue Kool-aid they're worth the extra price!
    4. mike21

      Multi use powders

      For pistol I use Sport Pistol, 231, or Unique. They are all very versatile. For rifle I use CFE223, BL-C(2), or 335. Depending on bullet weights.
    5. mike21

      What are your favorite podcasts?

      Legion of Skanks The Doug Stanhope Podcast Skeptic Tank Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast Whiskey Ginger Part of the Problem 2 Bears 1 Cave Can't Get Right Time Suck The Boogie Monster You Know What Dude
    6. mike21

      NFA Timelines Thread

      1. NFA Item: Suppressor 2. Form Type: Form 1 efile 3. Transferee Type: Trust 4. Forms Sent: 4/22/15 5. Pending Date: 4/22/15 6. Approved Date: 8/8/15 7. Forms Received: 8/8/15 8. Transferror/Maker Letter: 9. Examiner Name: jason bowers
    7. mike21

      Chyrsler T&C key fob?
    8. mike21

      Chyrsler T&C key fob?

      Have you changed the battery?
    9. mike21

      INGO total for taxes paid

      +200 suppressor 121,295
    10. mike21

      Best Drummers?

      Carter Beauford Dave Lombardo Chad Smith
    11. mike21

      WTS: Glock 29

    12. mike21

      WTS: Glock 29

    13. mike21

      WTS: Glock 29

    14. mike21

      WTS: Glock 29

    15. mike21

      WTS: Glock 29

    16. mike21

      WTS: Glock 29

      Bump price drop
    17. mike21

      WTS: Glock 29

    18. mike21

      WTS: Glock 29

    19. mike21

      WTS: Glock 29

    20. mike21

      WTS: Glock 29

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