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    1. Dewidmt

      From the back of the gun safe. The one I'm sure nobody else has.

      I've had 2 17L's over the years. They shoot like a laser, so much that I was accused of "cheating" at a Steel Challenge match a few years back! I sold off the ones I had because they don't fit the box for IDPA and I don't shoot USPSA or SC anymore....
    2. Dewidmt

      Unique find...

      Newest information on the gun, provided by User RM Vivas at the S&W Forum (He did a paper on these trophy guns for his history degree thesis). Samuel Steiner Hershfield was born28NOV13 and died in West Palm Beach, FL on 17NOV98. In 1939 he was living at 2119 Valentine Ave. in Bronx. He was...
    3. Dewidmt

      Unique find...

    4. Dewidmt

      Unique find...

      Sorry, I'm not a photographer!
    5. Dewidmt

      Unique find...

      I certainly thought it was!
    6. Dewidmt

      Unique find...

      Traded a shotgun and a Canik METE for it!
    7. Dewidmt

      Unique find...

      Pic is up!
    8. Dewidmt

      Unique find...

      Sometimes it pays to freeze your butt off! I made my way to the Seymour gun show this weekend even with the below 0 temps and managed to stumble across this beauty. After some haggling and a bit of trading it came home with me. 1939-40 Smith and Wesson M&P 4th change. Proper gold an blue box...
    9. Dewidmt

      Best Pocket Carry…

      In winter there's a nickeled Smith Model 38 in my coat pocket. Summer carry is usually an LCP or a LCP Max in the front jeans pocket.
    10. Dewidmt

      Revolver suggestions

      My 81 y/o mother has a hard time with DA triggers on a revolver so all the house guns are .38 spl J-frames with an exposed hammer she can cock. Loaded with 148 gr wadcutters.
    11. Dewidmt

      Beretta 92fs Stainless

      Those are the older Beretta grips. I'd be guessing around mid-late 90's for a date. I have a stainless with the blued controls.
    12. Dewidmt

      Shots fired in Bloomington Shopping Plaza

      I was there 81-83 at IU. Shot small bore rifle in the range in the Union Building. I went back 2-3 years ago and didn't recognize the place anymore.
    13. Dewidmt

      Smith & Wesson 500ES Emergency Survival Tool Kit

      Friend had one of these. We all fired it a couple rounds, I didn't think it was that bad, hit the target at least. But we were firing the 300 gr load not the really hot stuff. I download my .454 Casull to about 1300 fps
    14. Dewidmt

      What newly introduced firearm are you most excited about?

      EAA/Girsan Alloy framed Hi-Power
    15. Dewidmt

      Taurus G3x

      Another sleeper that will fit this "Shield size" carry weapon in the Mossberg Mc2c. Narrower than a Shield, 13 and 15 rd capacity. I picked one up new for $250 because nobody wanted a Mossberg pistol!
    16. Dewidmt

      WWII’s best SMG, PPS-43 pistol by Pioneer Arms Review

      Cool thing is that this weapon was totally designed and produced in Leningrad while it was under siege by the Germans! Granted the siege was over a year long and they were eating sawdust and rats, but they still managed to produce a simple, effective weapon!
    17. Dewidmt

      Finally got my new P365XL to the range. Some thoughts...

      I bought a 365 when they first came out and a 365XL when they showed up. I like the bigger frame so I just ordered an XL frame for the smaller gun. Still have both but one wears the Romeo now.....
    18. Dewidmt

      Which 9mm 1911?

      I second the Springfield Ronin. I've got the Operator (Commander sized). It carries well and shoots fantastic!
    19. Dewidmt

      Found a rare one!

      Update! Received THE LETTER from S&W today. It is original factory nickel, shipped April 21st, 1952 to Rex Firearms, INC. of New York City as a part of a 15 Chief's Special order. Thanks to chief38 over on the S&W Forum page, she now wears the correct grips also!
    20. Dewidmt

      Cylinder and Slide closing?

      Just found this on my Facebook page... Cylinder and Slide would like to announce that after 44+ years of business, we are ceasing operations. We would like to thank our countless customers and fellow industry partners for all their support and assistance throughout all these years. We do have...
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