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    1. VERT

      WTS: 5’x8’ Cargo Trailer

      Bump. Mowing lawns and home improvement projects are in full swing.
    2. VERT

      Should I sell?

      Most rifle dots are 2-3 MOA. So minute of red dot.
    3. VERT

      Should I sell?

      What rifle do you have? And what is the definition of accurate vs inaccurate? I have never tried different ammo in my AR. I figure if it shoots within a couple of inches at 50-100 yards it is well within minute of red dot. Especially with my astigmatism.
    4. VERT

      SCGC - Steel - May 18th

      This month we will host 4 stages taken from the SASP book. 100 rounds minimum 8:00 am setup 9:00 am registration open 10:00 am range hot
    5. VERT

      Looking for privately owned land to shoot on.

      Lot of liability involved letting people shoot on private property. That applies to clubs as well as individuals.
    6. VERT

      I'm thinking of clearing out the gun safes a bit, again. Anyone else do this?

      When I croak all my guns go to my son. He likes guns. He can keep what he wants and whatever else he can do with as he pleases. My guess is a couple of texts to my friends and those will be gone.
    7. VERT

      I'm thinking of clearing out the gun safes a bit, again. Anyone else do this?

      Well the wife and I might have an opportunity to downsize homes about 6 years earlier than planned. If that happens I might be shedding pounds.
    8. VERT

      So.. what are you reloading at the moment??

      This weekend it was .45 ACP. 200 grain LSWC over 4.8 grains Bullseye.
    9. VERT

      Small Pistol Primer .45 brass is annoying!

      It isn’t too bad on Dillon 550. You feel the primer not going in and can pull the case. Since I was left with a small pile of sized SPP brass I just pressed in the primers off the press and fed them through. I am assuming they will go bang.
    10. VERT

      Single Stage/Turret/Progressive

      .38, .45 & .308 still make sense to reload. Or if you are looking for any type of specific loads for match purposes. I have a couple of soft, reliable 130 PF 9mm loads. But bulk 9mm and .223 might as well buy it right now. Unless the components are already bought and paid for in which case...
    11. VERT

      Single Stage/Turret/Progressive

      This made me giggle. I get your point. But bad analogy. Hiring someone to mow your grass = buying 9mm by the case. Which by the way really isn’t any more expensive then current price of components. Buying a Dillon 550 is more like buying a nice self propelled lawnmower instead of pushing...
    12. VERT

      Selling an SR1911

      That sounds like a fair trade. Congrats.
    13. VERT

      Les Baer, Ed Born, Wilson Combat or other

      I haven’t spent enough time with my Baer to form a good opinion. But it is tight and very accurate. My Dad liked it better then my Wilson. I would put Nighthawk at the top of the heap. Baer is the best overall value. Wilson is pretty much a high end production line at this point, but...
    14. VERT

      Old eyes issue

      Progressive Bi-focals, astigmatism and 50 years old. I feel ya! Since Cedartop and I last trained together I have also been diagnosed with a type of epilepsy so I take $$$ medication that effectively slows down my brain. So front sight focus and how quickly my eyes refocus is greatly...
    15. VERT

      Should I or Shouldn't I

      I looked into threading my 77/22. For about $75 more I could just buy a savage bolt gun and move on with life.
    16. VERT

      Small Pistol Primer .45 brass is annoying!

      Your wife lets you anywhere near the kitchen table with brass? one time I took mine out of the wet tumbler and laid them on towels in front of the fireplace. Cats kicked it all over the family room and I caught hell for a week.
    17. VERT

      Original Bob Marvel NH Prototype

      That is really a presentation piece
    18. VERT

      Small Pistol Primer .45 brass is annoying!

      I can load it easy enough. It just messes up the rhythm on the progressive because there isn’t an easy way to get it all separated.
    19. VERT

      Small Pistol Primer .45 brass is annoying!

      Not mad. Not complaining. But dang does that stuff mess up your groove while reloading. Thanks for letting me vent this morning.
    20. VERT

      Single Stage/Turret/Progressive

      It could happen. Knock on wood it hasn’t happened to me yet. But keep in mind you have to flip the stations forward to make room for a new case, and powder running all over the press is a pretty good indication of a double charge. My recommendation would be to mount a light so you see into...
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