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    1. iChokePeople

      Kimber 1911

      Kimber History - 1911Forum
    2. iChokePeople

      Anyone ever been to the Stables Steakhouse in Terre Haute?

      And before the brie jokes start, let's just clarify for those who don't know me in real life -- with maybe a handful of exceptions, I can and will make you squeal like a piglet. I LIKE BRIE. GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!
    3. iChokePeople

      Anyone ever been to the Stables Steakhouse in Terre Haute?

      It's a little inconsistent, but generally good and sometimes VERY good. I prefer it to J. Ford's, by a mile. Like one poster said, call ahead, but I'd say to ask for the "mafia room" for a romantic dinner. It's all by itself, very private. They have a brie appetizer that's really good (or...
    4. iChokePeople

      Do the military actually use the select fire setting on their rifles?

      ^^ I had to do that, many times. Always seemed pretty silly. There were some obvious jokes about what to REALLY do if you see that Hind coming toward you.
    5. iChokePeople

      .300 BLK Can Suggestions?

      +1 for the Omega. I haven't used a lot of other cans to compare, but I have the Omega and love it. Very small and light. Definitely smaller and lighter than the others I've tried.
    6. iChokePeople

      Shivworks-ECQC Review

      Excellent review and points. Kudos for getting out and learning.
    7. iChokePeople

      The Mastro Handshake

      Guess not.
    8. iChokePeople

      The Mastro Handshake

      The guy in the video falls down just trying to get away from the woman... I agree with Mike, didn't look like the right place for the notorious brachial stun, just a sloppy backhand that happens to hit a guy who was barely on his feet from the start. One thing MMA has done pretty well is show...
    9. iChokePeople

      The Mastro Handshake

      Pretty bold statement about someone you don't know. Crossed arms is certainly better than some other options, but I think cedartop DOES understand the mechanics of fighting and understands that he'd be better off in a position that keeps at least one hand closer to his face. The "thinker", for...
    10. iChokePeople

      Stop Pointing Guns At Yourself

      OK, thanks. Interesting thoughts. Thinking about your choices and rethinking them as you acquire information and experience is a good thing.
    11. iChokePeople

      Stop Pointing Guns At Yourself

      Just curious -- why does that event cause you to move away from striker-fired?
    12. iChokePeople

      Concealed carry jacket

      +1. I read the thread title and thought, "so... jacket."
    13. iChokePeople

      Home Defense CQB - AR vs. Pistol

      Yeah, I have a similar issue to deal with, so I feel your pain.
    14. iChokePeople

      Home Defense CQB - AR vs. Pistol

      Try to AIWB one, Mr. smart R-H/B engineer guy.
    15. iChokePeople

      Suarez on the "dichotomy of speed"

      On deliberate vs. fear-based action, and I'm not anything like an authority on any of this, just my appropriately-priced thoughts... You see this very clearly on the mat or in the cage, and all of the variants of these locales. You can also see it when new shooters and experienced shooters run...
    16. iChokePeople

      Home Defense CQB - AR vs. Pistol

      Yeah... needing or not needing it wasn't really my point. My point was that if someone was thinking that an AR pistol would be superior to an AR SBR for shooting one-handed (again, same upper, all other things equal), I'd argue that the availability of the full stock with its available...
    17. iChokePeople

      Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

      Everyone has different standards, but I saw it first with kids and can't recall being concerned.
    18. iChokePeople

      Home Defense CQB - AR vs. Pistol

      Other than for legal compliance, I struggle to come up with a single instance in which an AR pistol would be better than the same upper on a rifle lower as an SBR. I *suppose* you could say something about needing to shoot one-handed, but even then I think it's a pretty tough argument to make...
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