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    1. 308jake

      WTB: Darkroom equipment and film photography supplies

      If anyone has old darkroom equipment, film developing supplies or maybe even film cameras laying around, message me. I know it’s a long shot, but you never know.
    2. 308jake

      I need help.. I keep buying Beretta pistols..

      A few members of the fam
    3. 308jake

      WTS: Springfield Range Officer Target 1911 45acp

      SPF I have a like new Springfield Range Officer Target 1911 for sale. It has only had 21 flawless rounds through it. Includes hard case, 2 mags and all factory stuff. Price is $800 in Brownsburg area. Only possible trade would be for a Glock 45 mos plus cash
    4. 308jake

      Huge -1 to Premier Arms

      I won a gunbroker auction on 4/3, and I paid 4/4. I immediately went to Premier to notify them of the transfer, and they said they would call me as soon as it came in. The seller shipped same day, and they notified me that it had arrived on Wednesday 4/6 at 11:30am. So they did a great job...
    5. 308jake

      WTS: Couple of “handguns”

      Bump for blank starting pistol
    6. 308jake

      WTS: Sterrett Level, Calipers and Micrometer

      Up first is a Sterrett number 109 master precision level with case. My Dad wrote his name on the wooden case, but the case and level is in excellent condition. Price is $325 Next is a Sterrett 14” Vernier no. 123! caliper with wooden vase. Dad wrote his name on caliper and box. I haven’t...
    7. 308jake

      WTS: Couple of “handguns”

      These were my Dad’s and I’m selling them to fund some repairs to his pocket watches. SOLD First up is an Old West Replica 1866 Brass Finish Double Barrel Derringer Non-Firing Gun. This is novelty $40 Second is RTS model 1962 made in Italy. It is a starting gun to be used with blanks. I...
    8. 308jake

      WTS/WTT: M1 Carbine Mag and Ammo

      I have a loaded M1 carbine magazine for sale or trade. The mag has light surface rust and is marked M2. Cash price is $60 obo. Trade ideas: Glock 17 mags or Beretta 92 mags. Located in Brownsburg and will meet around there.
    9. 308jake

      Handgun Show-N-Tell

      Sign up at Beretta to get optic plate when they have more available.
    10. 308jake

      Handgun Show-N-Tell

      I’m wanting the performance defensive now….they’re addictive
    11. 308jake

      Handgun Show-N-Tell

      From front: 1986 92f (Italian), M9A3 (FDE Italian), M9A3 (black Italian), M9A4 (TN) and 92x Performance (Italian).
    12. 308jake

      Handgun Show-N-Tell

      Now if Beretta would only make more optic mounts
    13. 308jake

      AK 47 Show and Tell

      I’ll have to go next year
    14. 308jake

      AK 47 Show and Tell

      How was that? I thought long and hard about going….
    15. 308jake

      AK 47 Show and Tell

      Thanks. Headed there now. Appreciate the heads up
    16. 308jake

      AK 47 Show and Tell

      Would like an RS Regulate full length or the forward slant one
    17. 308jake

      N pap AK47

      Desert Fox Outfitters makes an adapter that slides over the tang. Won’t help this time, but for the next one
    18. 308jake

      AK 47 Show and Tell

      Close….107. Can’t find an optic mount in stock anywhere.
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