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    1. Mikey1911

      St. George Floyd of Fentanyl Marks 4 Years of Crime-Free Sobriety

      Not to mention that the professional race grifters would never have shared any more than a pittance of their Floyd-generated proceeds with him.
    2. Mikey1911


      Concerning the weather, all we need now is for that high-pressure system that's over Kalamazoo right now to not get in a big hurry to move east, and to hold the frontal systems about where they are for 20 hours or so. That might be a lot for which to ask, but back in 1995 Hurricane Erin went...
    3. Mikey1911

      Iran leader chopper crash.. and they can't find it.

      The crash appears to have been weather related—but wouldn’t it be ironic if it had been caused by a failure of the “Jesus Nut” on the rotor mast?
    4. Mikey1911

      POLITICAL pictures - Funny (unlikely), Sad (more likely) Infuriating (most likely)

      Nope. Article IV, Section 3, Clause 1. Such a plan requires consent of the legislatures of all States involved, plus consent of the Congress. The Proggies in Salem Oregon would never go for it, and neither would the ones in the United States Senate.
    5. Mikey1911

      Theft is just "income redistribution."

      A “more equitable” distribution of lead and copper alloys (plus polymers, if you use Hornaday). All effected at 750 fps and up!
    6. Mikey1911

      Hamas Launches Infiltration, Rocket Attack on Israel

      Can we send Biden to visit "Pervertistan"??
    7. Mikey1911

      Hamas Launches Infiltration, Rocket Attack on Israel

      That was before Biden decided that he had to run for President of Dearbornistan.
    8. Mikey1911

      White Rural Rage

      And the southern right wingers need to avoid angled stone walls at the top of a long grassy slope (with intervening split-rail fences).
    9. Mikey1911

      Hamas Launches Infiltration, Rocket Attack on Israel

      Send Biden in as a Squad Leader - with the rest of the "Squad". Biden = Saunders Bowman = Littlejohn Omar = Caje AOC = Kirby Tlaib = Doc Jayapal = Hanley
    10. Mikey1911

      GenPol: Part VI----- Something Something Brandon?

      Pigglet knows as much about rail transportation as he does about firearms. But maybe someone can get him to take a whiz on the catenary along the Keystone Corridor. He'll get a real 'charge' out of it.
    11. Mikey1911

      Climate Change Update........

      So could USS Barb, with Admiral Fluckey's commando team.
    12. Mikey1911

      Climate Change Update........

      Hey, Act - where do you keep the Mk48s?
    13. Mikey1911

      California to ban diesel locomotives...

      It's about time for UP and BNSF to "pull a John Galt" and abandon Californistan.
    14. Mikey1911

      Funny Political Picture/Video Thread Part 9** The other side is still making it easy!

      He could do it now and beat the Christmas rush . . .
    15. Mikey1911

      All the hate... (Anti-Israel College Campus Activity)

      “Those People” have it—we don’t!
    16. Mikey1911

      White Rural Rage

      Do they like Led Zeppelin?
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