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    1. Ziggidy

      POLITICAL pictures - Funny (unlikely), Sad (more likely) Infuriating (most likely)

      Thank goodness our forefathers included the electoral votes.
    2. Ziggidy

      I feel like Beretta let me down

    3. Ziggidy

      Greetings from Greencastle!

    4. Ziggidy

      Who gets the electricity and who makes the decision?

      If you are white, straight, conservative and christian, you will be first to be cut. Everyone else, including illegals will remain on the full grid.
    5. Ziggidy

      POLITICAL pictures - Funny (unlikely), Sad (more likely) Infuriating (most likely)

      Or just get a grip on yourself and realize she ain't worth the risk.
    6. Ziggidy

      Just That Jimbo Guy

    7. Ziggidy

      Ignore list

      This is so bizarre; maybe it's me? Not sure but when I try to open the thread "ignore list"....nothing is there, just empty. Is this some kind go joke or something? Am I really the first one to post in here?
    8. Ziggidy

      Are we -The U.S. heading into a World War?

      We are in a war as we write in this post. If war objectives are to divide and conquer then eyes need to open and positions on the battlefield must be taken. The war is not killing human beings but rather killing our constitution, our morals, our integrity. It's killing the values we once had...
    9. Ziggidy

      Good Morning intro

    10. Ziggidy

      Convicted For Building Guns; Judge says, “Do not bring the Second Amendment into this courtroom”

      When I was in HS I had a neighbor who was an attorney. He impacted my life and I wanted to pursue that career, I didn't but came close. One thing that he told me that may have impacted my decision not to seek that career was a story he encountered in his career. He told me about a judge who...
    11. Ziggidy

      Should I have kept my mouth shut ?

      I agree. I posted that before I had my coffee.
    12. Ziggidy

      Should I have kept my mouth shut ?

      Once you begin to allow "little" things to change, eventually it becomes habit - bad habits. That's how accidents happen. When it comes to guns, we need to be STRICT with our handling and not allow ANY deviance. Just because one works in a gun store, that does not mean basic safety can be...
    13. Ziggidy

      Happy Mother's Day

      I will gladly remember that on father's day. Today (yesterday) let's celebrate women and not men; which I stated in my post.
    14. Ziggidy

      Happy Mother's Day

      Many moms here, in the USA are in a battlefield. Hats off to all moms. Special hats off to all moms raising kids with deadbeat or absent men in their lives.
    15. Ziggidy

      USAF Airman Killed in Wrong Address Police Incident

      I don't believe I said it should be an eye for an eye or even suggested it. I also stated I believe it was non-intentional. Now this, I cannot disagree more. I have never been in a situation even close to this; that said, I know not to do that. Again, never been there or done that...
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