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  1. VulpesForge

    WTB: 10mm brass

    Looking to buy up to 2k 10mm brass once fired or new near Madison, IN. I would like to buy in at least lots of 500+ to keep shipping at a reasonable cost for flat rate. Please PM to keep the thread clear. I'll be putting an order in for new starline on their backorder so please keep your...
  2. VulpesForge

    +1 Harris Engineering (Bipods)

    Harris customer service took excellent care of me after I may or may not have overtightened a 1/4" nut on one of their S series models. I called and they picked up this morning with no wait times and sent me straight to a tech. He was a little new, but we worked out what I needed and sent me...
  3. VulpesForge

    SCAR Optics

    I recently happened upon a reasonably priced SCAR 20 (read: gently used 2010 Honda Civic) and I'm looking into the optics department. I don't really mind spending to get what I'm after, but I'm looking for some scar proofed optics that don't rely on the golden warranty to be that way. (Cough...
  4. VulpesForge

    Reduced Final Price Drop Howa 1500 308 KRG Chassis

    Rifle is Sold scope still available but will move to appropriate forum Threaded 20" Heavy Barrel(#6) 308 Howa 1500 Barreled receiver from Brownell's in a KRG Bravo Chassis with a 20 MOA Steel Rail also from Brownell's and 1 10 round Magpul AICS pattern magazine. Received Howa trigger, will...
  5. VulpesForge


    SPF I'm selling my 20" Stainless barrel PSA Gen 3 AR10 in .308 Win. and 7 Pmags. 1-20 round and 6-25 round Asking $1300 Round count is between 100 and 200 on the lower side, but I'd rather state more than less. Vortex Strikefire 2 comes with it for an extra $100 Rifle comes with the original...
  6. VulpesForge

    WTS: 800 5.7x28 FN ss197 + 400 American Eagle 40gr

    800 5.7x28 FN ss197 + 400 American Eagle 40gr (Price reduced) gone
  7. VulpesForge

    WTS: 3.5x ACOG

    TA11J-G Trijicon ACOG ​SOLD $800 Green Tritium/Fiber Optics. Tritium very bright. Appx 3 years old. Partial trade on interesting items. Mounted once on one rifle. (AR-15) Excellent condition and very clear, just cleaning out the safe. Box included. Located near Madison, will travel a...
  8. VulpesForge

    Primary arms 3-18x silver line

    I'm looking into getting an optic for my AR-10 setup and I want mils for ease of distance calculation between calibers if I decide to switch and for precision within 1k yardages. Does anyone have any advice for or experience with the Primary arms 3-18x First focal plane Athena reticle? It's...
  9. VulpesForge

    WTS/WTT: Uberti Cattlemen 2 Brass 5.5" barrel 45 Colt

    A pair of Uberti Cattlemen II Brass 5.5" barrel 45 colt SAA clones. One has been fired less than 200 times and the other only a handful to ensure it functioned properly. Factory ammo only. The more used of the two has a light scratch on the grip and both have a ring around the cylinder in the...
  10. VulpesForge

    WTB: Ruger MarkIV blued

    Around Madison, IN. Will drive a reasonable distance or meet in the middle. Looking to buy or trade for a Ruger Mark IV in good condition. Prefer trade. If you have one available for a reasonable price or to trade for other small handguns I have a few less expensive guns to barter plus cash...
  11. VulpesForge

    WTS: Savage Model 11 Bull Barrel .223 + Reloading stuff

    Asking: $550 with scope. Shot less than 200 times. Incredibly accurate when sighted in. Scope is Nikon and is clean and crystal clear lenses. The 24" barrel also allows you to take full advantage of the .223 round if you're familiar with its ballistics. It's been in the safe for quite some time...
  12. VulpesForge

    WTS/WTT: 1976 6" Colt Python Royal Blue 357/38

    For Sale: 1976 6" Colt Python Royal Blue. Asking $3,000. Safe queen for most of it's life. White lithium grease used for long term storage after I bought it a few years ago from a friend of the original owner who was a friend of the family. Didn't shoot much and also mostly stayed in his safe...
  13. VulpesForge

    WTS/WTT: FN SCAR16s 5.56x45 1 FN Magazine

    For sale: FN Scar16s FDE 5.56x45 1 FDE FN Magazine. Asking $2200. Less than 200 rounds through this. What you see is what you get. Foregrip and sling included. No box (Was cardboard). Located in Madison, IN. PM for more pictures if necessary. Would prefer FTF. Can meet in the area 50 miles or...
  14. VulpesForge

    Looking for a advice on 10mm platform

    I'm not new to 10mm by any means and I've hot rodded more than a few handloads which brings me to the subject of why I've gathered you all here. I'm looking for a hunting handgun in 10mm and I've narrowed the choices down to 3 guns. I'm looking for anyone with experience with the guns or similar...
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