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    Rust sucks

    Went to get an estimate on getting rid of the rust on my 2004 F-150 Heritage, runs great just rusty. Tech looked at it and said "trade it" it is too far gone. Hate to get rid of it for one reason is the price of used trucks being out of sight right now and I have to have a truck. I am...
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    Brass pricing?

    I have a friend that has some 45acp brass he does not need and does not reload so would like to sell. He asked me because I do reload but I have not bought any brass for years, mostly shoot a S&W 625-8 moon clip so don't loose much. He has about 300 un-primed and over 400 that are primed, I...
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    Five year adding life fingerprints?

    Confused again, when I moved to Indiana a year ago I got the five year but have now decided to get the lifetime. I did the initial application and paid the first fee on line. When I go back to my application status page it tells me it is waiting on fingerprints. However the ISP also sent me...
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    Electrical advice wiring an outbuilding

    Here I am again asking for advice, this time I am putting in a 12x16 yard barn for doing some woodworking and hooking up the motor home. I will come off the panel in the house, 200amp and run the electric to the YB about 40 foot away. The circuit for the MH will end with an outlet box on the...
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    Septic tank question

    I know it is a shi##y subject so someone here should have an idea. We have had a couple blockages to deal with and nothing I care to do often. The diagram is close to what I have except the inlet pipe is only about four inches from the first baffle. The first baffle on our tank is shorter...
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    Illinois is a lost cause

    The state’s first doses of Coronavirus vaccines went to health care workers on the front lines, and to the sick and elderly living in long-term care facilities who faced the highest risk of death in outbreaks. Pritzker’s modified plan for the next round of vaccinations would move prisoners up...
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    Something to think about

    WARNING: ‘Armed’ Capital rallies are more than likely a False Flag Op by the Deep State to facilitate more gun control This is the headline from the Guns Save Life website, a true grass roots 2A org. from but not limited to Illinois. Disclamer; I am a member and still currently on the Board of...
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    Cops are proud of the big bust Hope this is the best place for this, if not feel free to move to proper forum. If you follow the link it tells about the big bust of 22 guns. Twenty one of them were starter pistols, airsoft or replicas. The...
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    Generator advice

    My new home is total electric which is fine but now and then the power will go out for a while, not good. I would like to have a generator to use for these times but don't really want to spend a lot of money on something that should not get a lot of use. I have been looking at different...
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    Sunsetter motorized awning installer

    Need to install a 12' wide X 10' extension Sunsetter motorized awning. Wife just told me she had bought it and will be delivered in a few weeks. We had one over the deck where we lived in Illinois and they are nice but I am not up to installing one. Wife bought it from the factory instead of...
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    Seal and color for new deck?

    Building a new deck out of treated lumber and am wondering what type treatments have worked well for other members. The wife is also talking about wanting to color the deck to a grey color. I have also heard you should seal it as soon as it is built or you should let it weather for a year...
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    Grass Carp

    We have a place on the Vermillion River and see grass carp near shore. I haven't had time to do any fishing yet, built a privacy fence now working on a deck, but hopefully soon. There are also flatheads, channel cats, white bass and drum. Don't know much about the grass carp except is is...
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    New resident carry

    I moved from Illinois March 14 2020 but with the virus thing having the BMV shut down was not able to get my Indiana drivers license till May 15th. Then being busy doing all the stuff associated with moving into a new home and getting the old one sold and fingerprinting scheduled it took time...
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    Stupidity in banking

    Either that or they have some logic I cannot wrap my head around. As many of you here know I just moved to Indiana from Illannoy and if you don't know me I did not bring any liberal, socialist gun hating illinois values with me, just the wife, the dogs and the guns. Well we did not get the...
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    The Softail went east

    To all my friends that I know here on the forum and those I know personally and shoot with, I am here. Moved in 3-14-20 and love the new house, the area and the fact we are no longer in the "socialist utopia" of Illinois. Still working on the old house to get it sold but pretty close to being...
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    Need TV and antenna help

    I am not all that good on electronic stuff so am asking for help. When we move to Indiana I plan to get Xfinity for internet and that will also get me wi-fi. For TV we will be going with an over the air antenna and will have three or four TV's hooked up to one antenna. With this being a new...
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    Illinois $1,000,000.00 liability insurance

    Illinois General Assembly - Bill Status for HB5170 Illinois just can't stop the stupid. If you are not familiar, Illinois requires a Firearms Owners ID known as a FOID card just to touch a firearm, ammunition or some pellet guns. This bill would require a liability insurance policy for...
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    Havent heard anything from our friend Rhino for a few weeks now, just not like him to dissapear like that. Even tried a PM a few days ago and nothing. Jim.
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    CCW advice for a possible new resident

    Wife and I are seriously thinking about leaving the state of Illinois for the free state of Indiana. Things are just getting worse and worse with taxes, corruption and gun laws. I understand that when I get my drivers license changed to Indiana that will make me a citizen of Indiana. From a...
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    Switch blade knives in Indiana?

    It is now legal for Illinois citizens to carry a switch blade if they also have a Firearm Owner Identification Card (FOID). What is the legality of carrying one in Indiana? Thanks much, Jim.
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