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  1. VulpesForge

    Any Southern Indiana INGO meets?

    I honestly haven't been paying attention to the meetups, but I'm down here in Ripley if anything gets off the ground.
  2. VulpesForge

    Just joined up

    Welcome, I took a trip around the US a few years back and hit up Amarillo for the big steak. I didn't have enough time to hit the Alamo, but it's still on the bucket list.
  3. VulpesForge

    Buy it for life, do it all .357?

    Came here to suggest this. I have one with a wolff spring kit in it (I've had complete reliability on many primers and brands, but extensive testing is always necessary to ensure complete reliability in your particular weapon) and a complete polish tune up. Slap some decent grips of your choice...
  4. VulpesForge

    WTB: 10mm brass

    Looking to buy up to 2k 10mm brass once fired or new near Madison, IN. I would like to buy in at least lots of 500+ to keep shipping at a reasonable cost for flat rate. Please PM to keep the thread clear. I'll be putting an order in for new starline on their backorder so please keep your...
  5. VulpesForge

    Reduced Final Price Drop Howa 1500 308 KRG Chassis

    Bump. Updated title to reflect previous price reduction
  6. VulpesForge


    Have you tried Gene's gun in Versailles? He's off of 421 on 600 and hard of hearing, but he sometimes has some oddities outside of the usual glock 17/23/26/30/43/48, springfield hellcats, lcp, etc. I haven't been that way in a month, but he's worth a shot and typically reasonably priced as far...
  7. VulpesForge

    Personal Defense Ammo (Hollow Points)

    I personally carry 180gr or 200gr xtps. They work for deer so they'll work for people. They expand a bit and penetrate well without falling apart. 10mm if that wasn't obvious.
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