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    Ilegal Immigration

    I don't miss them one little bit. Jim.
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    Jury duty...

    I have been selected to actually serve on a jury trial only once a local court and while I still lived in Illinois. I agree with bwframe I would want someone from here on my jury. The trial was a non fatal shooting that was bungled by everyone that came in contact with it. The local...
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    Jury duty...

    I was called for federal years ago and I had to go to the nearest federal court about 35 miles away. This was back when I lived in Illinois but being federal court should work the same. It was actually a better experience than the local court where I had also served a few times. I would guess...
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    Random Sayings, Funny Phrases, and other Audible Oddities

    "I haven't had this much fun since the hogs ate my sister." Then there is the advice I always gave my kids and now my grand kids, "Learn from and find humor in the mistakes of others."
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    Deck Awnings - Looking for input

    We have a "Sunsetter" and love it. It is the electric model with the wind sensor and we had one on our old house in Illinois and now have one on our new house here in Indiana. The wind sensors bring it in fairly often since the awning is on the west side over our deck. The one on our old...
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    Merrick Garland heading to Chicago to tackle surging gun violence

    All the while they are being protected buy chicago police and whatever detail garland brings with him. Whining about too many guns and normal citizens do not need guns to protect themselves. Jim.
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    Took the wife out shooting ( shooting as a family )

    I also do not understand why people give the heaviest recoiling firearm to novices, it is like they realy don't want them to enjoy shooting. No problem if they want to shoot the big guns but will work up to it and they will be told what to expect. Jim.
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    Indy Honor Guard in need of more veterans

    A lot of honor guard units are having trouble with members. When we moved to Indiana it was only a 15 mile move so I am still a member of the same Illinois legion where I have been an honor guard member for years. I figure it is usually my friends I am burying and at 74 years it wont be long...
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    Travel to WI from IN - sidearm ok?

    Not really, it is only so that you may get out of vehicle to store carry gun in the trunk or retrieve it from trunk. I know you are no further away from your vehicle with pay at the pump than you are going to the trunk. You have to remember these laws were written by people that know very...
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    Where is Durham

    Thank you for the read, Durham has not someone I have been thinking about. Smart man staying out of everyone's sight, if they can't find you it lessens the possibility of suicide. Jim.
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    Something I just thought of about that hail storm, it damaged probably every roof in town. People were going nuts wanting to get their roofs repaired but worried about quality of the work being done. They were especially worried about companies from out of town and out of state. One company...
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    Kind of proud of myself, in 2019 when I still lived in illannoy the town was hit by a terrible hail storm, think 4" diameter. Trashed pretty much every roof in town. I had a three bedroom house and two two car garages. Re-roofed it all myself and ended up with a nice chunk of change that...
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    They look awful nice to me. keep up the good work and out of bars. Jim.
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    Current State of Shooting Sports

    That is my shirt. Had fun with it at an IDPA match at Wildcat Valley a couple years ago. Of course I may not be the only one with that shirt. Jim.
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    RGE400 Frig

    I would call an RV tech. Not necessarley at a dealership but an independent shop that does work on RV's. Jim.
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    RGE400 Frig

    Is this in a camper or motorhome? Jim.
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    How bad are your skeeters?

    Lots of wasps. Jim.
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    Texas dems flea state to avoid vote on election bill

    That is how I remember it also. Seems like it happened in some other state but not sure. Jim.
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