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  1. freekforge

    Samson sights

    Has anybody used samson manufacturing sights? I'm finishing up a 300blk rifle and want some fixed iron sights and ran across some budget friendly Samson ones. Are they good to go?
  2. freekforge

    Lee c312-1552r 300blk loads

    Anybody use the lee 312-155gr bullets in 300blk? I have the mold coming and will size to .309. I have a bunch of cci magnum small rifle primers I'm hoping to use.
  3. freekforge

    Flame bluing

    In planning on pulling all the screws from one of my uberti SAA clones and fire bluing them. I've used brass shavings when I was in high school machining but I don't have the shavings and I don't want to waste any brass stock to make some. Has anyone used the sand or molten lead bath method? The...
  4. freekforge

    Black bear gun

    This year the family and I are planning on going on a few trips around the country all of the places have bears of some sort. In a few weeks we will be headed into back country in the smokies. I know the bears are more afraid of us yada yada but the wife if worried about our bear bait I mean...
  5. freekforge

    Tims shooting academy

    Has anyone attended a tactical pistol or tactical rifle class through Tims shooting academy. I just saw they posted both pistol and rifle classes that are upcoming. I have some training scars from my former boss man at the PD that I need to get rid of. I don't want to spend the money only to...
  6. freekforge

    Bump helmet

    Anyone have any recommendations for an affordable bump helmet. It doesn't need to be an opscore and I won't by a team Wendy. It probably won't see any hardcore use but I want to be able to mount comms and possibly a NV monocular. I wore a cheap airsoft one of a buddies at the range and it...
  7. freekforge

    Armored scout car

    Anybody know the name of these little armored vehicles. Madison county community news network posted this pic the other day. I was thinking it was a ferret but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong. Goofy looking thing whatever it's called.
  8. freekforge

    WTS/WTT: BAE systems ACH

    I have a large BAE ACH helmet that I don't use any more has a new chin strap in it. Asking $100 or trade for a medium ach. Also open to other trades like 5.56, 300blk ,9mm, or 38/357 ammo. Will also take small rifle or small pistol primers as trade.
  9. freekforge

    WTS/WTT: Ar500 plate

    I have one base coat curved level3 plate. $60 or trade for 38/357 or 300 blackout ammo. Open to other trades as well.
  10. freekforge

    M16 3 prong flash hider

    I picked up an early m16 style 3 prong flash hider for a build I'm working on. When installing the hider is it clocked to a certain position or is it just tightened and left where it is? I would assume you'd want a prong at 12 o'clock but I'm not sure.
  11. freekforge

    WTS: Cva 1862 pocket police

    Traded I have a cva 1862 pocket police that I'm thinking of letting go of. Only been fired a handful of times. Trade interests include 9mm, 300blk, 5.56 ammo, optics really nothing in particular. Make an offer. Traded
  12. freekforge

    WTS: Rossi ranch hand

    Pending trade. I have a .45 colt rossi ranch hand that I'm thinking about letting go of. It has after market and factory sights.Trade interests include 9mm, 300blk, 5.56 ammo, optics, other guns. really nothing in particular. make an offer what's out there. Pending trade.
  13. freekforge

    Gmrs net

    Anyone on here have their gmrs license? I was thinking if there were any we could maybe get a net going on a repeater for fun and more importantly plot out the range of our radio setups. Or if anyone wanted to plot out simplex ranges. I am slowly putting a map together of both repeater and...
  14. freekforge

    Fanny pack

    Any body have a recommendation for a fanny pack to use as an ifak. I'm looking for something basic that I can hang off the passenger seat headrest. A Velcro panel that I can stick a red cross patch on would be nice but not necessary.
  15. freekforge

    All things Pellet rifle thread

    Decided to start another thread on pellet rifles so i can stop threadjacking the other thread. I picked up some gamo ts-22 pellets that are complete garbage. the ones i measured varied by .006" one fell through my benjamin titan barrel then another i had to use both thumbs to push it in. kind...
  16. freekforge

    WTT: Magpul 870 forend for wood 870 forend

    TRADED I have a tac14 with a Magpul forend however I'd like to put a wood one on it. If you have one pm me a pic of it. Ftf in in or near grant county. Here's a stock pic of the Magpul one
  17. freekforge

    WTS: alien gear 1911 holster

    SPF I have an alien gear holster for a fullsize 1911 that has never been carried. Nothing is wrong i just became a glock fanboy when i got it and its sat on the shelf ever since. asking $30 obo. FTF near grant county.
  18. freekforge

    WTB: NAA mini

    Looking for a NAA mini revolver short long rifle or magnum doesn't matter. I'm located in grant county.
  19. freekforge

    WTB: Single shot .410

    Looking for a H&R/NEF .410 shotgun. I'm located in grant county
  20. freekforge

    WTS/WTT: ruger wrangler

    SOLD ruger wrangler SOLD Spf I have a ruger wrangler i'm going to part with i have 100rds through it. asking $170 for it. also interested in trades like shotguns, naa minis, iver johnson/h&r .32s, other .22 pistols. Make an offer.
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