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    1. Colt556

      The Cursed Gun Images Thread

      When you really need to Yeet!
    2. Colt556

      M14 build in the works.

      Check with Ron Smith at SEI. He’s the M14 Guru.
    3. Colt556

      Always Carry Cash..............

      I had a friend tell me a story about when he was on an expensive hunting trip and sharted while out in the field. Luckily his shart was contained in his tightly whities and he was able to carefully remove the evidence and bury it. A while later one of the dogs came running up proudly to the...
    4. Colt556

      Always Carry Cash..............

      I always wear a t shirt under my shirt. :cool:
    5. Colt556

      What do you do with take offs?

      I’ve saved anything and everything for years….gonna need it someday (In purple). I’m sick of it honestly but just can’t get myself to throw it away. It must come from growing up poor and never having as much as the other kids. My roommate thinks I’m crazy, which is probably true, and tries to...
    6. Colt556

      Indiana man arrested after reportedly trying to buy Porsche with $78 million check

      Right, with that kinda Jack I might as well get a GT3 too. Didn’t think of that.
    7. Colt556

      Indiana man arrested after reportedly trying to buy Porsche with $78 million check

      Two things…. First he’s from Bloomington! Second thing is he should just go to one of the cities that allows criminals to just walk in and grab what they want without paying and get away Scott free. Just walk in, grab a bunch of keys and see which one works. I’d love a new Caymen or 911!
    8. Colt556

      22LR Target rifles

      I have a variety of .22 rifles and handguns ranging from Marlin 39s to a handful of CZs. As far as target rifles go I think the following would qualify for that title. Remington 541T Remington 513T Winchester Mod 75 CZ 452 Varmints CZ 457 Match Target Mossberg US44 US Property Norinco K98 22...
    9. Colt556


      If you want to go to Mexico just go the the Edinburgh Outlet Mall on the weekend. Once I felt like the only Gringo in the place! Sam’s Club on Rockville road gets that way as well, you could be in Mexico, Haiti, Somalia or Africa, anywhere but Indiana.
    10. Colt556

      Cute Pet Pic thread

      It’s time to eat dad!
    11. Colt556

      What do you use to paint your front sight?

      I use Testor’s Model paint. If there is a Hobby Town near you they carry a myriad of different paints. Hobby Lobby used to have a good selection but it seems as if they are cutting down on some of that stuff. They still have a wide selection of various paints in different areas of the store so...
    12. Colt556

      What gun stuff did you buy today?

      Picked up 6 boxes of Federal Law Enforcement 124gr HST Hollow Points.
    13. Colt556

      Shooting at KC Chiefs Parade

      Looks as if the left is starting their pre election shooting program early this time.
    14. Colt556

      Where to find: .38 SPL 148/158gr WC/SWC ammo?

      The ones I remember were in generic white boxes with blue ink lettering, some might have been red. I think it was Starline or close to that. I know that there were some hollow based wad cutters that were loaded backwards as a self defense round and were popular for snubbies.
    15. Colt556

      Indy / Avon area - looking for a stolen Mustang

      Do you have any pictures of it? I didn’t read every post close enough to see an answer. Any custom wheels or wrap? Exhaust, tint or decals? Hopefully you’ll find it in one piece. A friend of mine had his Audi S4 stolen and they found it crashed in St Louis! Two guys came to Indy to steal cars...
    16. Colt556

      Where to find: .38 SPL 148/158gr WC/SWC ammo?

      I know that ammunition that they don’t make a lot of because it’s less popular cost more but gosh, I’m so old I remember buying wad cutters for $4-5 /50 to just punch paper with, reloads were $2/box. I need to pick some up for a S&W Mod 52 I have and the S&B stuff looks pretty good. Would work...
    17. Colt556

      Stupid idea ???

      The simplest and cheapest way would be to just cut the top off, smooth it up and dab some cold blue on it. No worries about trying to get the pins out or aligning the new FSB with the gas port. There’s a myriad of ways to do the sights and forearms anymore. Just go with what you like.
    18. Colt556

      The Funny Picture/Video Thread, 15th Edition: Be more like Coleman.

      Aim for the Blue helmets. js
    19. Colt556

      Coins Value

      When my brother died last year we had to get rid of all of his possessions. He was an avid coin collector and had thousands of coins in safes. He bought a lot of coins and sets directly from the US Mints and various coin shows. We’ve sold a great deal of the newer boxed Mint stuff but still have...
    20. Colt556

      Cute Pet Pic thread

      We like Angel Food cake and raspberries too daddy!
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