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      “Free” guns from Bass Pro?!?

      CC for property tax? I know Hamilton and Marion charge a hefty CC fee..
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      Ruger American (Ranch/Compact) trigger replacement? Tuning?

      Is the Ranch chambered in 22lr?
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      “Free” guns from Bass Pro?!?

      I chose cash back, and apply it to the balance. This way I'm not limit in where I can spend my rewards.
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      Hawaii Rejection of Right to Bear Arms I'm not a lawyer, but even I can see Hawaii's opinion is biased. What is unclear about "the...
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      safety glasses recommendation This is what I wear.
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      Black Powder cleaning

      My routine: after cleaning store the rifle barrel down on top of some cloth rags for 3 days. Run dry patch, if it has rust coloring clean again. Repeat process until dry patch comes out clean. At the range. Clean barrel with 90% alcohol patch, clean with dry patch, fire one percussion cap...
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      Air Gun Deals...

      I have the gun on .177 and it is an accurate shooter. No complaints, trigger isn't the best and stock removal required to adjust power. Mine is unregulated and air pressure does impact POI. The sweet spot for my gun is 2500 to 2000 psi. I use a scuba tank to fill. OK going to shut up now.
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      Black Powder cleaning

      I discovered Moose Milk early on and haven't looked back.
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      FNS Canceled this Month

      Bumping to top
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      And our privacy continues to be eroded...

      And now we know why this article popped up for you.
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      Steakhouse Bob busted

      Is he a Democrat?
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      Central Indiana shotgun range suggestions?

      Brownsburg Conservation Club. Guests welcome to shoot on Tuesday Noon - 3PM. Super Friendly members and very welcoming to new shooters. Two Trap Fields with Pat Traps. You can't use hand throwers, but members are more than willing to let you have the trap field for a round to train your...
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      Good - Better - Best .22 Competition Rifle

      For what type of competition?
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      Friday Night Steel at Marion County Fish and Game

      Match date 8 Sep 23.
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      Switzerland County Sportsmen's Club question.

      Is Google broken?
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