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    1. M

      finally here

      Looking forward to your iput. I noticed your insert name. Are thanks for your service in order? Regardless, welcome to Ingo from Lafayette
    2. M

      Plaintiffs Needed, Tippecanoe County

      Oxygen is NOT flammable. The problem is that it highly supports combustion. Therein lies the misunderstanding. Oxygen alone will not burn, but mere dust particles in the air can be the fuel that results in conflagration.
    3. M

      Took long enough.

      Now this is an outstanding introduction post. It tells us a lot about you and your mindset. You are more than welcome here, but beware, there is more information on this one site than most can digest. This is predominantly a gun discussion website, but it is much more than that. We have a...
    4. M

      Took long enough.

      "We'd like to know a little bit about you for our files..." Welcome to Ingo from Lafayette
    5. M

      44 magnum

      Did you try the Hodgdon website?
    6. M

      Just approved to post.

      We try hard to keep this place a secret. Who spilled the beans?
    7. M

      New Member

      Well it not SEI either.:boxing:
    8. M

      Jury duty question

      I have been selected for Jury duty. Is there anywhere I can search to find out what type of case this is? I know it's in Tippecanoe county superior Court 1 and I have the name of the defendant. I'm just curios...
    9. M

      New Member

      I'm 65. 65 is not old... ...if you're a tree!
    10. M

      Thanks and God Bless!

      So, how did you find our little slice of heaven? Welcome regardless.
    11. M

      Son of KarlsGunBunker

      Don't know that I ever had a conversation with your dad, and I know I didn't do business with him, but I do fondly recall the name. Sorry for your loss. I lost my dad about 7 years ago. Anyway, welcome to Ingo from Lafayette and I hope you enjoy your time here.
    12. M

      Hello all

      Do you have any difficulties buying guns with Bitcoin? Welcome to Ingo from Lafayette
    13. M


      I don't know when or how, but this too will come back to bite the liberals in their asses.
    14. M

      Contemplating the 2024 Ingo lower...

      I did a .450 Bushmaster on the 2023 lower. Still up in the air on this one. They should only be a couple more wèks out...
    15. M

      “Free” guns from Bass Pro?!?

      The one's I was talking about here are all one's that I gave away. I've lost count, but I'm sure I've given away 6 Crickets.
    16. M

      I went looking for a mess...

      Kitchen floor has been shored up. Had a couple of floor joists that had issues. Sistered along side the existing joists to bring the floor back to level, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Ran gas line for the range and screwed the subfloor down. It will need to be moved to install the floor...
    17. M

      “Free” guns from Bass Pro?!?

      And yet you already have more than 50 posts. Now, whether any of them can be considered "quality" is above my pay grade.
    18. M

      “Free” guns from Bass Pro?!?

      Do a site search here for the title "Free rifle Friday." I have a hoot with these things. Stay tuned grasshopper...
    19. M

      “Free” guns from Bass Pro?!?

      I've seen people get free guns here on Ingo, and they didn't even have to use a credit card, or points, or nothin!
    20. M

      Anyone know what this piece of metal is?

      I don't know what it is but it's the best one I've ever seen.
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