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    1. Magneto

      Cryptid/UFO/Paranormal/Disclosure thread

      August 1986, I was 13 years old living in Floyd county. I was taking out garbage one night and looking at the stars. Out of no where comes an object making little no sound hovering just a few hundred feet away. It had no conventional method of propulsion. It lit up the ground like daytime from...
    2. Magneto

      Nursing Home Question

      So here is the latest update. I started leaving voice mail at a 2nd extension. Three weeks ago I received a call from someone at the 2nd extension. They informed me they are new to their position (of course) and would forward my information to a facility here in Indiana and they would contact...
    3. Magneto

      SDS Imports

      I don't have one but I bet I have watched a dozen reviews on Youtube and every single one of them praise it. I have been tempted to get one even though I sure don't need another polymer 9mm pistol. If I was in the market for a pistol it would probably be at the top of my list.
    4. Magneto

      Nursing Home Question

      The number I was given was for the old corporation which is who has the money. They no longer operate any facilities in the area and the number is located in Tennessee.
    5. Magneto

      Nursing Home Question

      The nursing home mom was at was sold and they are no longer owned by same company. The only thing the person I spoke to could give me was a corporate number that no one answers. I have left numerous messages with no return call. No response to my contact through their website. I am at a loss on...
    6. Magneto

      Nursing Home Question

      Back a few weeks ago I received a letter stating that the nursing home my mother had stayed in owed us a decent amount of money from overpayment. I called the nursing home and was told the company had been holding credits and was preparing to pay them. I was given the number to the corporate...
    7. Magneto

      What is your "go to" handgun

      Carry: Beretta APX Centurion By my bedside: Beretta APX RDO By my recliner: CZ P-10F
    8. Magneto

      Need Advice/Direction On AR Red Dot

      Thanks everyone on your input. I have decided for now to go with iron sights. I purchased a Magpul MBUS rear flip up sight. I am planning on looking at a red dot after the new year. Finances are always tight this time of year so I needed a rear sight anyway so this will do for now.
    9. Magneto

      With Current World Events, How Worried Are You?

      We all see what is going on in the world especially in the middle east. How worried are you about potential terrorist attacks in the United States? I'm not talking about something like 9/11 but small localized events like shootings by sleeper cells or small groups. Honestly, it has made me...
    10. Magneto

      Need Advice/Direction On AR Red Dot

      My AR has a crap optic on it. It's one of those "I will upgrade it one of these days" but it's never gotten done. I have looked at a few options and have decided on a Vortex Strikefire II if I purchase one. I do have a Romeo 5 that I can move to it and purchase a magnifier for it. I have also...
    11. Magneto

      AMMO SUPPLIES 5,56

      Purchased a few hundred rounds over the last few weeks. Feel better about what I have but I always feel like I could use more.
    12. Magneto

      TRX Holster

      Last Saturday I saw an ad for the "TRX Holster". I was intrigued and the price seemed good. I got it today and I really like it. It holds the pistol firm and feels solid. Here are the pics I took of it.
    13. Magneto

      Looking To Buy Some Land (finally)

      My wife is open to Eastern Kentucky where I have family (Olive Hill/Elliott County area). Currently, I would like to stay local due to older family but Eastern Kentucky is not out of the question.
    14. Magneto

      Looking To Buy Some Land (finally)

      Now that the wife and I have paid the house and mini van off we are starting to look for some land in the boonies. This would be to eventually build an off-grid retirement home on down the road. Near term possibly to put a trailer on to stay in on the weekends. I want something I can get a well...
    15. Magneto

      9mm ammo problem

      They are 115gr.
    16. Magneto

      9mm ammo problem

      So about a month ago I purchased some ,Ammo Inc Blackline hollow points. I inspected them and nothing seemed off. Today I went to load them and once in the magazine they looked off. They were too short. I compared one to a Winchester Silvertip and you can see they are definitely shorter. It...
    17. Magneto

      Man Arrested After Pointing Gun at Video Doorbell

      I swear I put the link to the story in my original post. Here is the article after he was arrested:
    18. Magneto

      Man Arrested After Pointing Gun at Video Doorbell

      This happened VERY close to me. I was on alert afterwards but thankfully he was arrested. Keeping an eye on things is exactly why I installed a video doorbell a few weeks ago.
    19. Magneto

      'Armed and dangerous' grandmother accused in fatal hit-and-run that killed Jeffersonville toddler

      I read that the Grandmother has a lengthy criminal record including drugs, so it's possible she was impaired when this happened. I heard a rumor that SWAT was being dispatched to a rural area a few days ago because she had been sighted there but nothing ever came of it.
    20. Magneto

      HEAVILY ARMED IRS and ATF Agents RAID Gun Store and SEIZE ALL the 4473’s

      Why would the IRS need 4473's? There are no financial information on them. Since there is no financial information on them how do they have legal authority to confiscate them?
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